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Sun Aura

Lake Village, IN 46349 United States


About Sun Aura

Sun Aura is a clothing optional resort in Northwest Indiana with 309 acres of wooded trails for hiking, golf carts, and if you just want to be alone. The clubhouse (called the "Roundhouse") is large, (8000 Sq. ft.) with glass walls and a big dance floor. A hot tub is available and sauna as well as a big screen television. Sun Aura is a laid back place to go most days during the week but wakes up and starts hopping on the weekends! Dance to the music of our DJ's every Friday and Saturday night and attend the bonfires after the party until the wee hours of the morning! Sun Aura has an Olympic size swimming pool, a popular place for members and guests when the weather warms. On a Sunday afternoon after all the parties you will find people chilling out at the pool as new friendships are made and phone numbers exchanged for the next time you plan to meet. There are very few nudist resorts like Sun Aura anywhere in the world! First of all, it's a "clothing optional resort" -- At most nudist resorts you "must be nude." Sun Aura is also an adult club and you must be 21 to enter the gates.

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Review(s) of Sun Aura

User: HoosierTwosome
Couple | 58 & 59 | Certified Member
Lafayette, Indiana United States | Nudist For 25 years
out of 5

Too Many Clothes and Way Too Much Cigarette Smoke
Reviewed on : July 25th 2015
Date of Stay : July 26th 2015

We just returned from Sun Aura. It is clothing optional resort and most there seem to want to keep their clothing on. A real nudist camp where everyone goes around nude seems like a better idea to us. The place is quite interesting and there are some friendly couples to be found. However, there is cigarette smoke everywhere you turn. It is very tough not to find yourself breathing someone's second-hand cigarette smoke. The "Roundhouse", their dance hall is very thick with cigarette smoke each night. Anyone with any sort of lung issues should NEVER enter this roundhouse at night without wearing oxygen. The other problem is with all the "crows" (unattached single males) on site. If you leave your female counterpart alone for ten seconds some crow will be trying to pick her up. When we made love in the tent at night we would always have at least one crow standing within three feet of our tent and staring in as he masturbated outside. We love couples resorts, and to us any crow is about as welcome as a turd in a punch bowl. At midnight on Friday and Saturday nights you get the most accurate historical glimpse of what it might have been like to live in Sodom and Gomorrah in the ancient days. Or in a real life "Caligula". Sociologically, its a fascinating study of humankind at its very sexual fringe. However, you may want to only observe as you futilely try to avoid sucking in the ever-present clouds of cigarette smoke.

Lots of outgoing friendly couples. Plenty of acreage on which to roam.

Too many single males for couples to remain comfortable, Clouds of cigarette smoke, everywhere.

User: aanudist
Male | 65 | Not Certified
Kalamazoo, Michigan United States | Nudist For years
out of 5

Reviewed on : September 30th 2014
Date of Stay : September 26th 2014

I must say, my last visit there was my best, I've day tripped it a few times and enjoyed myself, but decided to do an overnight stay Friday to Saturday. People were about the same as described for friendlyness, until you actually start a conversation yourself. As you get to know more people, the friendlier they get. Thanks Moses for the wood, mine was to wet. Joe and Judy it was nice visiting at your fire. Jerry congrats on #1000 in the sugar shack. And special thanks to the staff and the gentleman who unlocked my truck when I locked my keys in.

Nudity without judgment even with erections

None for me, I will be back

User: Walleyeguy44
Male | 51 | Not Certified
Donovan, Illinois United States | Nudist For 6 years
out of 5

I agree with Rockdad
Reviewed on : August 25th 2013
Date of Stay : August 25th 2013

I have been there probably over 30 times in the past 4 years and can count on 1 hand the amount of times I've been spoken too. One time I went with a friend that (she)was interested in the nudist experience and tons of people spoke with us. I don't go over there to have sex as that does happen often and in public which is fine if that's what you want. I want to relax in outdoors, enjoy my free time, visit at times, but nothing more! I will say the new people are fantastic with the grounds can see major improvements

Improving the facility is a priority and its working

not very friendly

User: Rockdad
Couple | 55 & 56 | Not Certified
NW Indiana, Indiana United States | Nudist For 18 years
out of 5

My experience
Reviewed on : September 24th 2012
Date of Stay : September 24th 2012

I was "officially" a member one year but didnt get there to much due to work. I can tell you people came out of the bushes with warm welcomes when my wife was with me. Otherwise I felt like what the locals call call a older single male, "Old Crow". My impression was until you became familiar with the place, groups and people and your by yourself as a male it's going to be a solitude visit.

lively atmosphere

in need of major clean up and remodeling

User: HairyNakedSarge
Male | 56 | Not Certified
Chicago, Illinois United States | Nudist For 40 years
out of 5

Surprised and Delighted......
Reviewed on : June 08th 2012
Date of Stay : June 06th 2012

After years of property neglect, the SunAura resort has made several noticeable repairs and improvements to the property. The pool/sunning area is much improved, having been given a new concrete re-surcacing, and the washrooms have been updated and are actually clean and attractive now. Old dilapidated structures have been razed. Much debris and clutter has been removed. The new management is making great strides in making this more attractive venue for bare-assed activities. I have been going to this place for several years, and have always found it a hospitable environment for social and more playful nudity. Even though i do not rent a campsite there, I have made several friends with whom I party every summer. It is proudly adult oriented.

Definitely not a prudish crowd, Adult oriented-no children


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