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I`m a senior citizen and happily retired, living alone and enjoying the opportunity for 24/7 nudity that it affords. Since I`m in a semi-rural area, the nude zone includes my property, weather permitting. Re my 50+ years of being a nudist, I include those years when circumstances didn`t allow going au naturel despite longing for the opportunity. Being a naturist at heart is not as liberating as being one in the flesh, but the spirit remains strong. Finally, after 67 years of home nudism, the opportunity arrived in July 2010 to do it for real. A few minutes after registering at BVR, the only question was, "Why did you wait so long?" The new way of life has begun.


NudeInMA responded to a forum topic Berkshire Vista Massachusetts for new person

It's my home club. They have no issue whatever with singles. Like most clubs, as long as a person...

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Nude In Profile Pic

a group for those of us proudly place ourselves nude in our profile pic and not...

NudeInMA created a forum topic Digital cameras and optical slave flashes

One downside to the advent of digital photography with point & shoot cameras (and some more...

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11 months ago
50+ Nudies

Don't want to show your beer boep in the company of slim young guys? This group...

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Welcome to the wonderful world of life modeling. As far as age is concerned, the premise of life...

NudeInMA responded to a forum topic photographer in San Diego

Judging by your website, good sir, posing for you would be an enjoyable and rewarding experience....

NudeInMA responded to a forum topic No "apostrophes" allowed here?

Prior to the "improvements" of TN V2.0 a couple of years ago, proper punctiation and special symbols...

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No doubt you also read the cover notes rather than the book. I write for people who can comprehend...

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Real-world time: the site is being coded line by line by TT1. AFAIK, there are no commercial...

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As you've probably discovered, forums for life models are rare, and no one seems to be interested in...

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Gentlefolks:While the idea of this group is great, there's a downside: email bots scour the Web...

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post your email and exchange some pics of yourself

Well title says it, i love this site and all the great people i have met. I do...

NudeInMA responded to a forum topic Nude pics wanted to turn into sketches!

Deja vu! We had a similar request a few years ago from a dear young lady artist in the UK. After...

NudeInMA responded to a forum topic Paid or Free Members?

Being one of the site oldies (since October 2009) and having been a supporting member ("paid" makes...

NudeInMA responded to a forum topic Nude References in Christmas Special

Aside from a few Hartnell and Troughton episodes, I have them all. I don't recall even a passing...

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The major impedimernt to adding new functions is that every line of code in the site is done by TT1....

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On the one side, it's an interesting concept that puts a pair of survivalists, one and one, into a...

NudeInMA responded to a forum topic Where to hide nude photos?

If one has photos that include nude children, or children with nude adults, they can and they WILL...

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Thanks for your kind photo comments. Peace and blessings!


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My Interests

Naturism, politics, computers (I build my own), electronics, science, the paranormal and UFOs, amateur photography, and expensive toys for big boys :-)


CE3K and other good science-fiction, and any mindless, SFX-loaded, butt-kicking action flick with no message, preferably starring Jason Statham. :-)


Primarily classical. My POV is that Mozart was the Gold Standard. Those other guys like Beethoven, Bach and Brahms did have their moments, but Wolfgang Amadeus was the nonpareil.

My Heroes

Our men and women, former and active, in our armed services; our fine people who daily risk their lives in law enforcement and fire-fighting; and anyone who serves or helps his fellow man because it`s the right thing to do.

50+ Nudies

Don't want to show your beer boep in the company of...

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Welcome Fellow AANR Members!

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C-A-N-R = Christian Association For

Christian nudist/naturists who enjoy nude recreation,...

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Christian Naturists are nudists among the crowd who...

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American Association for Nude Recre

Since 1931, our Association has been a trusted source...

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Berkshire Vista Resort

Berkshire Vista located at the end of Kittle Road in...

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