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I am quiet but love to be around other friendly people. I am still a little new to the nudist lifestyle. Still becoming comfortable around others while naked. 11/10/09 Guess I should change this a little. I am loving the nude life. The people here are great and make you feel soo welcome to be here.



4 years ago


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Been sooo busy, whats everyone up to???

blueiron35 responded to a forum topic not even a word back, as an answer: how rude...

And just to add, a lot of "women" on this site, aren't women.   I keep hearing that from a...

blueiron35 created a forum topic Pet Expo....Update

The weekend of May 21-22 there will be a pet expo in Cleveland Ms. Lots of adoptable pets needing...

blueiron35 responded to a forum topic Pet Expo....Update

Expo went well, kind of had a small turnout. We raised a small amount of money for the fund but more...


4 years ago


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Got a nail all the way through my foot. IT HURTS. Wish I could stay off of it for a day but just too busy.


4 years ago


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Sick as a dog! Beautiful day today and dont even have the energy to enjoy it.

blueiron35 created a forum topic What did your friends wedding cost you?

I just returned from a wedding for my better halfs best friend. It was 8 hours away in sunny...

blueiron35 responded to a forum topic What did your friends wedding cost you?

Well Thomas, now I feel like I got off kind of easy.


4 years ago


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Back from Atlanta. The Ritz was very nice but way too rich for my wallet. 3.00 for a snickers, really??

blueiron35 responded to a forum topic Whodunnit?

It was MEEEEEEE! I dunnit I dunnit I dunnit!    By the way, did someone say Easter Bunny?...

blueiron35 responded to a forum topic Are the Chat Room Mods REALLY necessary?

Do skydivers need parachutes?   Do scuba divers need tanks?   Do I need more...

blueiron35 created a forum topic Fence Fence and more Fence

Well after hours and hours of posthole digging and stretching horse fence out I finally got to let...

blueiron35 responded to a forum topic RESPECT

Lookns lady also, cant remember the screen name but it was I believe looknsdove  

blueiron35 created a forum topic RESPECT

Hearing the name of someone you dont know who was forced to leave the site seems to mean very little...

blueiron35 created a forum topic Messages

OK people, its almost getting rediculous. Anytime I see a new person on the site, or new in that I...

blueiron35 responded to a forum topic Horror stories?

Seems another blank profile is trying to find new ways to show nudists in a negative light and...

blueiron35 responded to a forum topic HELP !!! I`ve forgotten how to print the ....

I barely know how to turn on a computer, much less make it do anything I want it to. Sorry.

blueiron35 responded to a forum topic Old Farts

My grandfather and uncle were old farts when they were alive. Both served during WW II and were the...


4 years ago


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Had a great day and hope all my friends did too!

blueiron35 responded to a forum topic Are my pictures too shocking!!!!?

I hope you have some of us in mind with plan B. I dont have one. I dont like the other nudist sites...

Who I'd like to meet

Not here looking to date. Just looking to meet friendly people who are fun to talk to and hang out with. Anyone looking to make new friends. Send me a message, tell me who you are. You wouldnt want a stranger to walk up to you and say "Hey there, we are friends now." would you, dont do it to me. Just tell me a little about yourself. Ill tell you about me.

My Interests

I own a mechanic shop so I love cars. I ride my bike every chance I get. Any kind of outdoor activity, hiking, camping, boating and fishing. Love being at the lake.


No answer given


Country, Jazz, Rock and blues.

My Heroes

My grandfather and uncle are the two who stand out the most.

Animal Rescue: Please Help.

There is a website called www.theanimalrescuesite.com....

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Nudists Who Want Anti-Nudism Laws C

A group for those of us who want to have anti-nudism...

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Soap Box.

Just a place to let off steam. I know we should look on...

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The Butt Naked / Super Nudist Club

A group for those that have achieved at least the level...

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