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I have grown children


5' 7"


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I`m a long time lover of being nude when possible. My wife doesn`t share the interest, so we don`t get to the clubs and nude beaches. I have to enjoy my nudity in the house or on our back deck,and pool and usually alone. I`m forty eight years old, still living life like I was mid twenties, freespirited and usually carefree. Love wearing my speedo, when I have to wear a bathing suit, though they`re not the in thing anymore. It fits me and I`m comfortable in it.Thats what matters to me.


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thanks for accepting Fr.

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Back Yard Tanning

This is a fun spot to share where you go nude outside at your house. Could be a...

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1 month ago
A Sun lover

Any nudist around the world who loves the kisses of sun rays on the bare...

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Always Want To Be Nude

This group is for those who shed their clothes completely whenever and wherever...

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Florida Panhandle Nudists

A place for nudists in the Florida panhandle to get together and form...

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5 months ago
Alabama Nudist Meetup!

I haven't met anyone from alabama yet. Join the group and let's make something...

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Strip Poker Group

People who enjoy playing strip poker, yes, I understand that this is a nudist...

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Beautiful And Natural Bodies (body)

This group is for all friends and other members....Be proud of your...

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Thank you for adding me as your friend.

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Thanks for the add buddy...used to live nearby in Chambers County

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The previous post have pretty well covered the facts. I'm a long distance paddler and I finally bit...

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Anywhere. thats the beauty of kayaking, just keep your shorts or towel ready slip on. thats easily...

Randall0963 responded to a forum topic florida forgotten coast

Have done some paddling around Cape San Blas,St. Joe peninsula,and camped at the state park a...

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Thank you for adding me

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Cape San Blas Peninsula. Northern florida.Hiked the whole nine miles nude.Didn'nt see a soul....

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I wear a speedo, and loose it as soon as I feel that I'm out of eyesight. I usually am in my touring...

Randall0963 responded to a forum topic 2013 , so where are you paddling to ?

I'm doing the Alabama Scenic river trail.631 miles of Coosa,then Alabama river, week by week as I...

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Thank you for the very nice comment!

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I've been there and been nude on the eastern end of the island.I was mostly alone but did walk past...

Who I'd like to meet

Other nudist that are true nudist, not just looking for sex or hookups.

My Interests

We enjoy travelling with our camper, spending time at the lakes and beaches in our area.I have three kayaks and use them on local rivers and creeks,nude when possible. The solitude of the backwoods creeks are great.I recently bought a sea kayak that I love to paddle in the gulf of Mexico,off the Destin or Biloxi coast


Anything with some Action and Adventure. Some Sci-Fi movies


Classic rock, Old country and some of the new, older pop music

My Heroes

People who enjoy their lives doing what they love in their free time. Somehow I feel I`m missing too much of that

A Sun lover

Any nudist around the world who loves the kisses of sun...

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Adults Nude Playground

A Fantasy complex of nudism and entertainment. Dream...

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ANYONE who Loves to be FREE and ONE with NATURE.

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Alabama Nudist Meetup!

I haven't met anyone from alabama yet. Join the group...

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Haulover Beach

It is believed that Haulover got its name from an early...

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Paradise Lakes Resort

Paradise Lakes is a 72-acre, upscale, clothing-optional...

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