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My wife and i have been nudist for over 5 years now, we love being nude and think that if we could find a city where everyone had to be nude or could be nude we so move there, we have two kids, both girls , one 3 and the other just turn a year who we are raising in the nudist lifestyle,We are crazy and out going and love to do things like camp and go to nude bowling and mazo beach, We are raising our children in this lifestyle, however not to sound rude but we will not be showing our child on cams until two things 1. We get to know and trust you 2. You also have kids that you are willing to have them chat together. I am trying to keep my daughters safe from the wrong people. That all. Thanks allrnrnWARNING PRIVACY NOTICE: Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You DO NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this effect.


nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Acquiring nudist friends

we have found it most difficult to find other nudist families in our area,  We been trying to find...

nudistpagan created a forum topic Moving

So My wife and I are in the process of trying to purchase a new house  we are playing the banks...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Moving

hi we agree with most all the comments!! Moving is difficult enough so try not to upset or change...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Sun Ray Hills

this will be our first time going there we are looking for a newplace to go now that mazo is...

nudistpagan created a forum topic naming body parts

So i have a question for everyone My daughter is three and i been teaching her the correct name of...

nudistpagan created a forum topic Mazo

Well for the time being or permanently we now have lost mazo beach, This is going to horrible for...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Pokemon questions

yeah i got a 2ds which play the games like the 3ds but no 3d ,. which is fine, i love the remake of...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Girls in mens changing rooms at water parks

my daughter is 3 and i do take her into the mens bathroom and shower area if we are at a water park,...

nudistpagan created a forum topic Get togethers

Hello, I notice that a lot of our members are form Chicago area, that wonderful we didn't realize...

nudistpagan created a forum topic To all our members

I just want to say welcome to all our members,  this group is bigger then what i ever thought it...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Thanks

HI allHaving chatted briefly to Wendy today, what a nice lady, I am going to risk raising a question...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Kid`s friends

So we are tying to buy a house and was wondering when we move in 2 things,1, with that be the...

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nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Who can you tell?

My families know that i am a nudist, but my wife family are very textile, when my daughter tears off...

nudistpagan created a forum topic nudist vacation

So wondering if anyone planning on our have taken their kids to a nudist resort. Why or why not? We...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic nudist vacation

Sounds like a great opportunity!  Don'tknow of places like that within driving...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Winter is does anyone have a gathering planned

I would love to know that too.

nudistpagan created a forum topic Profiles

Nude Day everyoneI notice that lot of people in this group have their profiles blank or just have i...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Introduce Yourself

Hey Brant,we understand how you feel,My wife and i took a vacation to a c/o resort last year and we...

Who I'd like to meet

I am looking for other nudist couples and families in the Milwaukee and surrounding areas, we are looking for people who already have kids or who are pregnant and planning on raising in the nudist way of life. We are looking for friends for our children as well as Mommy and Dady. we are also looking for friends to get together and do things like a board or card game night, go camping to different resorts together and many other nude things. I am afraid we are not taking singles any more. We are only looking for other families or couples. we do have skype or yahoo if you want to chat, well only give to people we been e-mailing for a while.

My Interests

where to start,Knowledge, Friendship, music, nude everything, swimming, rebuilding/repairing computers and being nude in the wild.


Horror, sicfi, well i watch anything but romance movies favorites is blade, mortal kombat, resident evils (alls)


anything but hardcore rap listen to anything at least once.But my favorite is country

My Heroes

Xena the warrior princess, selena fox, My nudist friends

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