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Hey all my name is Tom, my wife and i have been nudist for over 3 years now, we love being nude and think that if we could find a city where everyone had to be nude or could be nude we so move there, we recently have a baby who we are going to raise in the nudist lifestyle,i am a big guy and am working on my weight, i am not ashamed of being over weight, it was cause by a problem that i had a few years ago, I am sightly crazy and out going and love to do things like camp and go to nude bowling and mazo beach, We are raising our daughter in this lifestyle, however not to sound rude but we will not be showing our child on cams until two things 1. We get to know and trust you 2. You also have kids that you are willing to have them chat together. I am trying to keep my daughter safe from the wrong people. That all. Thanks all


nudistpagan created a forum topic hey everyone

hi everyone New to this group, My wife, daughter and i got to go to our first nudist resort in...

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2 weeks ago
White Tail Resort

Lovers of White Tail resort In Ivor VA

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2 weeks ago
Video Game Nudists

This site are for those who love getting butt naked and playing video games for...

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2 weeks ago
Animation Enthusiasts

If you love animation this is a group for you! From hand drawn animation to CGI...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic teenagers and nudism.

Heyone thing, don`t try to force him into nudism, if you take him somewhere that has nudity, make...

nudistpagan created a forum topic took our child to nudist resortt

so this summer we took our family to a nude resort in florida,  We went a little late in the year...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic A Weird Question, but Funny

Hello Nudist Family          You know that I am new to being a nudist. I was checking out...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Members

 My name is Christina ( My friends call me Nina ) I am the mother of an 8 year old son Oscar and I...

nudistpagan created a forum topic Members

Hello New members I can see that we got quite a few new ones, i was hoping that some of you would...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Horned gods

Any men here who honor Cernunnos, Pan, Priapus or any of the other horned or ithyphallic gods?I...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic how long is mazo open

how long is mazo open for the season? hoping to get at least one more day at the beach. thank...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic hello all

hello... I am a pure naturist and you know how difficult its to find other naturists but thanks to...

nudistpagan created a forum topic where are all the nudist families in milwaukee areas

seriously where are all the families, we can`t be the only ones around here can we? lol 


3 months ago


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does anyone know what happen to the open family and private family nudist groups? they are just suddenly gone.

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nudistpagan created a forum topic So as a nudist parent what your biggest hurdle

So as a nudist parent, what do you think the biggest hurdle you have gone or might go through...


3 months ago


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How everyone doing these days, haven`t heard from many of my friends lately, nIf anyone wants to chat, i usually am on at night, you can hit me at skype or yaho

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3 months ago
Home Nudist

A group for people young or old who don`t have a nude club to go to on regular...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Just visited

my wife daughter and i were there last weekend, we bike down the trail so it didn`t take long to get...

nudistpagan responded to a forum topic Finally made it to Brushwood

Where is bushwood I want to check it out sometime

nudistpagan uploaded 1 photo(s)
3 months ago

Who I'd like to meet

I am looking for other nudist couples and families in the Milwaukee and surrounding areas, we are looking for people who already have kids or who are pregnant and planning on raising in the nudist way of life.rnWe are looking for friends for our 1 year old so she not the only child raise in this way. rnwe are also looking for friends to get together and do things like a board or card game night, go camping to different resorts together and many other nude things.I am afraid we are not taking singles any more. We are only looking for other families or couples. e do have Skype and Xbox Kennect so if people want to chat, well only give to people we been e-mailing for a while.

My Interests

where to start,Knowledge, Friendship, music, nude everything, swimming, rebuilding/repairing computers and being nude in the wild.


Horror, sicfi, well i watch anything but romance movies favorites is blade, mortal kombat, resident evils (alls)


anything but hardcore rap listen to anything at least once.But my favorite is country

My Heroes

Xena the warrior princess, selena fox, My nudist friends

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Mazo beach is a clothing optional beach located on the...

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