Are You Ready to Come Out as a Nudist?

Are You Ready to Come Out as a Nudist?

Usually, when you hear the term "coming out" you probably think of individuals who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. But there are a lot more categories than sexual preference that require "outing" ourselves to friends, family, and coworkers. Whatever seems different or odd to the vast majority of people means there must follow an explanation to support our choices.

One of these categories is definitely sharing the fact that you're a nudist. Are YOU ready to come out as a nudist? Maybe you've already shared with some loved ones that you enjoy lounging around without clothes on. And maybe you've received that look; you know the one: that look that immediately labels you a sex-crazed nymphomaniac who's hosting weekly orgies poolside. Too often, the textile-wearing crowd jumps to conclusions that because you're not into keeping your body parts covered at all times, you must be doing something sexual while you're naked.

Certainly, there is a lifestyle that is fine with that, but it's usually not just people who are nudists.

So what can you do to let people know that being naked is just like wearing another outfit?

  • - Share that nudism is a family-friendly activity;
  •   Children and teens are very welcome to join their parents and families at resorts and backyard parties.
  • - Invite them to an event Which you may choose to label as clothing optional.
  • - Give them information from area nudist resorts and organizations.
  • - Be open and answer questions.
  • A big part of coming out as anything away from society's norm requires education. No doubt that your friends and loved ones will have a number of questions about your choice to be naked, especially with others! Hopefully, though, by remaining open and honestly sharing the lifestyle, you'll not only educate more people, you may even find some new friends to be naked with you! And that's really what it's all about.

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    • Very shy and nervous
      • For me this is a delicate subject. I work in public safety and the stigma that goes with it is that we must set the example even when it relates to this topic. We are held to a higher standard. I have been a nudist for all of my adult life. And even as a teenager unbeknownst to my parents. Throughout the years I have mentioned to several friends ( co workers ) that I practice social nudity. While most have remained quiet, I have heard the rumors of me and my wife being maniacs who host crazy sex parties
        • Now, all we have to do is to hope that others will follow your fantastic advice. Education is key to this whole experience!
          • I am an at home nudist. Coming out so to speak is a big step for me. Forgive me if I am somewhat apprehensive about who I make friends with on any website. I would like to meet someone(preferable female or couple) who can help me understand why I feel so free being nude, but at the same time I feel like a social outcast because of it. Granted that most people in America view this as a "sin" or taboo at the least. I just want to share my thoughts with those who view nudity as a simple, free, non sensual.
            • It can lead to isolation and legal ramifications. Coming out HAS to be VERY seriously researched. No matter what ANYONE tells you, in rural America, which I do love, there are different rules....the law can, has and will be subverted to attack anyone who crosses local 'moral' rules. IF you have the resources, you can dig out of the pit, but it will take time and money, and you might as well accept you will most likely end up needing to move. Hate to sound like a downer, but you have to look at all sides.
              • I am a nudist,and would love to be open about my life style. I don't hid it,mean I have joined nudist group on face book. people can see where i am posting my creative works. But I don't post many pictures of me nude because not every one has a healthy opinion about nudism. I don't really own an attractive body, so i don't think many would enjoy looking at my body. But nudism is not about have an attractive body, but it's about feeling life,not just seeing and hearing.
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