Attending the FYN Spring Bash

Attending the FYN Spring Bash

Florida Young Naturists Spring Bash

Hello friends! In an effort to bring you the latest in the world of Nudism/Naturism, I have attended the Florida Young Naturists Spring Bash. It was a hard decision, but I knew I had to for all you fine people. For those of you that don’t know, Florida Young Naturists is the BEST thing the US has going for youth nudism. This is all helmed by our main man, Robbe White, and a group of regulars and volunteers. The main focus in this group is 18-35. If you have a partner that is over that limit and you are still in that range they allow you both in which is a huge concern for people at that upper limit. They don’t distinguish between single male and single female either which is really cool. You buy a wristband and if it’s your first time, tent camping is free. If you are a return visitor, just make sure you are a FYN member and you have discounts at FYN events and “local” Florida resorts. The first 100 are always discounted $10, and the 100th wristband is free if you manage to be that lucky individual. These are also being held at Sunny Sands in Pierson, FL.

This is the 8th FYN Spring Bash. They have three per year, with the April ones being the largest. A LOT of people come from Florida. That isn’t to say meeting someone from another State, or Country is rare. I personally met people from Washington, Georgia, North Carolina, and New York. I heard that at the last bash in winter, there were people that flew in from China specifically to get to this event. So all of you reading this, your excuse for this thing being too far is now invalid lol. The event started with 10 people, and by last count it reached a maximum of over 200 people.

Enough of the technical stuff, lets get to the good stuff, the events! There is a pool, hot tub, restaurant, clubhouse, gym, showers, bathrooms, golf course, nature trail, volleyball, and all the things you’d imagine to be at your usual nudie resort. There are places to plug in and give your tent electricity if you’re into glamping as well. There are a few things that happen on a fairly consistent basis at these events. You can count on a drum circle. I know, it sounds super hippy. The fact is, a drum circle sounds pretty impressive when you have a bunch of people that are really into it. It is usually held around the fire pit or close to it. Invariably, you will have a bunch of people that know how to play with fire and make it look super impressive. These burners will be spinning their flames along with the drum circle, and it makes for a really impressive show.There is also live music! They will have bands playing at different places and at different times so you can count on some really good theme songs to everything you are doing. They will rent the same waterslide for each event. It’s two stories tall, and it’s marvelous. You don’t realize how fast you will go without a swimsuit to slow you down. At first people go down the traditional feet-first way, but as time goes on people will go all sorts of acrobatic ways and even figure out how to make a gymnastic exit over the safety wall. Let’s not forget the black light painting. At night, there will be black light paint, a black light, and some great music. The rest is up to you guys to figure out. People come out with an impressive array of colors, and designs. You will then see people painted up, for the rest of the night, sporting their colors.

There are also all kinds of workshops and classes. Regulars like Amy, or Tiffany will teach yoga. There are fire spinning classes where some professionals will give you the basics on how to spin things without completely hurting yourself. They use tennis balls in socks as an alternative so we all don't wind up burning the place down lol.

The best part of these events is that everyone is willing to talk and wants to communicate. It’s not uncommon for a stranger to stroll by see your hands full with something and jump in to help you with whatever you are doing. The vibe of everyone being friendly and helpful is something you don’t feel in the outside world. Really, that is the major pull for us personally when I call up all my friends and plan this out. I managed to get seven newbies to this event and they all said the same thing! The events, the music, that’s fun, but what is really the best is the pull of the people and how easily you make friends and communicate with one another.

You will run into people, greet them with a hug and catch up. You will hear your name yelled from across the tent space and find your friends from last year. You will strike up a conversation with little to no effort in the hot tub and find out these people have really interesting lives and you have a lot in common. After the event, you will get all the friend requests from the people you meet, you stay in contact and each bash you get more and more integrated. This is our third year going and I feel like each time we go no matter what time we arrive, there are ALWAYS a handful of people that come to greet us. We see these people, even those that we haven't met as some sort of extended family. You pitch your tent and make friends with your neighbors. You trade and barter like a tribal community would. I traded a sandwich for a few beers, traded use of an extension cord for some snacks. People are as willing to share with you as you are to them.

Going to these events feel like a family reunion with a family you never knew you had. This is why I go to these events. This is why you should too. You are accepted as part of the group just for showing up. Hang out around the fire with everyone, you will be enveloped. I have heard the phrase “Find your tribe, and defend it” a few times in the past year. Only after going to the FYN Bash do I truly understand what that means.

Visit us, and you will too.
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  • It is interesting.
    • Ol, o dia que visitar o Rio, Brazil... Me avise, estamos querendo popularizar de forma consciente o naturista como forma de terapia e elevao do corpo e da alma . Meu contato: Phone/whatsapp +55 21 988087029
      • Love to arrange to meet a cpl or a gal at either Sunny Rest some weekend or even possibly at the private club...TJs ...for fun at their outdoor pool ...again on some weekend's mid afternoon; if you game... just message helmet at hartnhc at goggle mail..Cheers!
        • the only problem I find with the FYN group is that there so many rules. and for a group who wants to be free its really hard to be apart of it. Its like living with parents after high school, enough helicopter parenting. were all adults lol
          • let me know of any spring bash events or summer in nyc nj area
            • Das klingt echt cool ????
              • We are seeking friends
                • Wow I thing I know what Im doing for my next vacation!
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