I Love You and I'm a Nudist

I Love You and I'm a Nudist

Getting into a new relationship is stressful. We're on our best behavior for the first few months, and we second-guess every action, word, thought, and feeling.

So what if you're a nudist and you met your heart's desire at a time when you weren't naked? How do you "come out" to your love as a nudist?

When looking for that perfect person, we naturally seek others who share similar values and attitudes, but what about hobbies and lifestyles? It's impossible to know everything about a person immediately. Typically, we start with topical conversations that only skim the surface. And some things, such as hanging out with strangers while not wearing clothes, can be a bigger conversation to tackle, especially if you're pretty sure the other person isn't also into the clothes-free lifestyle. The way you share your hobbies and lifestyle with someone special will really depend on you, the other person, and your relationship.

We all know that the best relationships are built on honesty, and since we're heading into pool season across most of the globe, it's likely to come up that you attend pool parties in the buff. And some people may be ready to check out the scene with you, while others may not be bothered yet not ready to be naked in a group setting. Still others may completely misunderstand what nudism is about and be jealous that you're sharing such a seemingly intimate activity with others.This is a great time to whip out some education. If your partner isn't a nudist, get ready to teach him or her about the lifestyle! Show off some of the family-friendly nudist sites online, introduce her to your nudist friends, or invite him to a clothing-optional party so he can choose to stay clothed or not. Sometimes, it's just a matter of being misinformed or apprehensive. Once you explain that the lifestyle is innocent and natural, you're likely to gain at least acceptance if not full-out participation.

It may just take time, and only you will know how to broach the subject based on your specific situation. If you're comfortable with your nudist lifestyle (and we are sure you are, especially since you're here!), it's that much more likely your friend / lover will be too. You never know: Before long, you might have a companion on your next nudist resort vacation!

What have been your experiences introducing a new love interest or good friend to nudism?

We'd love to hear about what you did to make things run smoothly, or if your confession led to a huge fight and break up. Share your stories in the comments!

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  • I have been chatting with my girlfriend online for a while now. She knows that I am a Nudist and accepts it even though she is very shy having lived a sheltered life. However she has agreed to try Nudism at home and I am hoping that she will be brave enough to try social Nudism with me after some time. I can only hope
    • When I first started chatting with the lady who is now my wife, I guess the fact that it was online and that we had been introduced to one another by her sister who knew me meant that we were more open about our pasts and ourselves and our interests. Quite early on I let her know that I preferred being nude, and she said that when living together that would not be a problem. I am fully nude at home all the time now but it is a big step for her even to spend just a little time fully nude with me.
      • I think when you first meet someone you can sense how they would take the news that you are a nudist it may be how they are dressed. I always tried to let people know that I don't like wearing clothes usually after a couple drinks and soon after meting them. many have said that was ok with them as long as it isn't with them. if it continued seeing each other then the words "and not with others". I have dated a lot that thought it was sick, they didn't last long. 3 that I knew liked the idea themselves. I kn
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