Nudism in Television

Nudism in Television

Contrasting Shows for Summer Watching

Nudism has made its way to television thanks to the onslaught of reality TV shows covering almost every lifestyle imaginable in the past decade. Not to be cliché, but if you’re looking to get out of the heat, nude television can run hot or cold this summer.

Two shows, both keeping a positive perspective on nudism – being it makes you more cool-headed and even tougher – are airing right now.


Buying Naked by TLC

A reality series airing on TLC, Buying Naked premiered in November 2013 – and is still in its first season. The show focuses on Pasco County, better known as the Nudist Capital of America as this west-central Florida region is said to have the nation’s largest concentration of nudist communities.

Buying Naked follows realtor Jackie Youngblood, who claims to be “nudist real estate expert.” BN is also highly informative – for both nudists and non-nudists. The show covers a lot of real estate tips and blunders, and breaks down the ideal home for nudist couples appearing on the show. Furniture textures, countertop height, the amount of windows and background privacy are all covered – though not all is covered. One point is driven home: These women still want big closets!

BN also features "Nudist Rules" – focusing mostly on naturalism etiquette like shaking hands versus hugging as a way of introduction, maintaining eye contact, etc.

This show is very light, even family-friendly. Cheery music boings around in the background, non-nudist realtors giggle and squirm as they step out of their comfort zone, and genitalia is concealed by household items and center pieces. But mostly, BN showcases excited couples buying homes, people maintaining their lawns under the sun, wet bars, pools, and puns galore.


Naked & Afraid

The Discovery Channel is home to Naked & Afraid, a reality program premiering in June of 2013 and now airing its third season.

Though this may seem like yet another survivalist series, the show features two, non-acquainted, male/female contestants who are meant to survive in an assigned location for three weeks in the nude. It’s all in the name with this one.

Locations have included Madagascar, Malaysia, Peru, Fiji, and the swamps of Louisiana. About the lightest thing about this show are the episode titles, which include “The Pain Forest" and "Hearts of Darkness."

N&A takes on a pretty serious tone as after the initial and awkward-for-partners introductions. The intense conditions create an educational atmosphere for viewers, as the contestants and stoic narrator touch on geography, botany, biology, and survival skills.

This isn’t a show about nudists, but participants remain naked – and pretty sunburned – as they boil water, dig for crab, tend to blisters, and swat at bugs. Let’s just say “viewer discretion is advised” on this one for any weak-stomached witnesses.

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  • UK has a naked dating showing called Naked Attraction .. Basically it's a series that has been running since 2016.. a contestant gets to choose a winning date from 6 possible partners. But they choose by seeing apart of the bodies a section at a time. Good part is nothing is blurred out all on show.. worth a watch if you guys want to Google it
    • Has any member seen "Naked Attraction" on Channel 4 in the U.K. ??
      • they don't actually show the contestants completely which is wrong as far as I am concerned it should be as it is naked .
        • Yes, it's silly. But the more I think about it, I'm coming around to the opinion that showing nude people acting the same ways and doing the same things as textile people (dating, home shopping, camping out in survival mode, etc), with no insinuated sexualization, can only be doing good in showing that normal people don't go sex crazy just because their clothes come off. This can be a real eye opener for many in the American public. If enough textiles watch it, maybe the public will begin to "g
          • They block out anything that would be seen as offensive by some. It ends up with the participants wearing "electronic bikinis" The whole concept is silly
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