Four Clothing-Optional Escapes in Arizona

Four Clothing-Optional Escapes in Arizona

Forget swimsuit shopping this year, and try one of six clothing-optional resorts, ranches, and B&Bs throughout Arizona.

Find yourself in a natural state as you enjoy beautiful natural surroundings in Phoenix, Tucson, and beyond.Look forward to tennis, volleyball, swimming, and more – or hang back at the many pool decks, misty ramadas, and cozy suites in these five naturist retreats.

1.Mira Vista Resort

Known as a “Premier Clothing-Optional Resort,” Mira Vista Resort is located in north Tucson along Interstate 10.Neighboring the Saguaro National Park, Mira Vista is a truly desert-themed haven for au natural natives and visitors alike.

Though parts of this clothing-optional resort date back to the mid-1800s, Mira Vista was formally established in 2006 solely for naturist recreation.This 30-acre resort features 14 suites, a couple rentable condos, and the full-service Desert Café – all adorned with that classic hacienda/adobe-style look.

And don’t miss the tennis courts, spas, pools, fitness center, message service, volleyball pool, you name it – and all in the scenic Sonoran Desert.

2.Shangri La Ranch

Found in north Phoenix by way of Interstate 17, Shangri La Ranch is a family-friendly, clothing-optional facility set in New River.

Open throughout the year thanks to that dry-heat you’ve heard so much about, Shangri La Ranch features everything from a solitary or romantic getaway to social activities and games.We’re talking volleyball, tennis, basketball, hiking, and after-sunset fun like dancing and karaoke.

3.Casa Cahava B&B

Situated in the North Valley – specifically Cave Creek – Casa Cahava B&B is a two-acre private abode ideal for a clothing-optional vacation.

Offering a private guesthouse, or “Casita at Casa Cahava,” and an in-house guest suite, Casa Cahava features cool activities like swimming and pool-volleyball, to some heated fun like the hot tub, sunbathing chairs and floats, and the Casita fireplace.

The Guest Casita also features a full kitchen, and spotty reception for those looking to digitally disconnect.

4.El Dorado Hot Springs

Try the 107-degree natural springs in your natural state at El Dorado Hot Springs – found in Tonopah of deep-West Phoenix.The mineral springs of El Dorado is the main attraction in this truly rustic, clothing-optional vacation.

El Dorado offers several private soaking areas, including the Stargate, the Corral, and the Duck Pond.And for views of Saddle Mountain, try the Sunset Area or Desert View.

Camping is available at a few private soaking areas, while other overnight accommodations include Motel California, Desert Pete’s Bunkhouse, the Last Resort, and the Post Office.

Whether you’re looking to reflect, relax, or meet new people, these nudist-friendly retreats are beyond friendly with some scenery to match.

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  • Ive visited Shanghai la, Mira Vista, and El Dirado. All three I would highly recommend.
    • There are 3 other clothing optional B&B's in Arizona...AZ Lagoon del Sol in Phoenix, Casa Jardin Paraiso in Phoenix and Valle de Vistas in Sedona. All great places to enjoy the sunshine...naturally!
      • I have visited both Mira Vista Resort and Shangri La Ranch and had great experiences at both. They are as different as night and day, but very enjoyable. Looking forward to going again this year.
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