Wonder Hussy visits Arizona Hot Springs

Wonder Hussy visits Arizona Hot Springs

Wonder Hussy is off on another adventure and this times it's close to home. She takes us to Arizona Hot Springs which is located in the Lake Mead National Recreation area. If you're looking for a naked adventure on your way to Vegas it's right by the Hoover Dam.

As Wonder Hussy is the adventurous type she entered the canyon by kayaking the Colorado River and then camped overnight. Before she enters the stunning slot canyon she says that on weekends this area gets family visitors as well as boy scouts so use your judgement before unclothing in the Hot Springs. Weekdays are slower and therefore more nudists are out and about soaking in the pools.

When she explores the canyon Wonder Hussy chooses to stay clothed until finding it naturist friendly. As she enters the warm creek she comes across a warning sign for the ever so rare amoeba called Naegleria fowleri. It's an amoeba common to thermal pools. Don't freak out just yet. This amoeba can only enter through the nose so if you plan on going under water keep that nose plugged! Or better yet stay above water and avoid that fright.

She treks on her hike and comes across a 20' ladder. This is the only way up to the ever so close Hot Springs. Although it looks sketchy it's very durable and safe. Speaking of safe, she feels safe enough to finally strip down and heads up the ladder. There are white boulders all around that make you feel secluded and serene. She has arrived to the Hot Springs and finds 9 fellow nudists relaxing. There are quite a few pools at various heights and different temperatures so bring a book or better yet a beer and enjoy the scenery with a nice soak! Enjoy!

The next adventure is just around the corner. Stick around!

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  • Have never encountered a nudist here in the times I have visited. Some girls in revealing thongs, but no actual nudity.
    • Fantastick! I will go there sometime.
      • good to know for a would be traveller-many thanks
        • This hot spring was always our favorite. We started going 35 years ago and our kids loved it as well. We brought them us as nudists. We always rented a boat 7 miles below the damon the AZ side and took a picnic lunch. When ever we wenty to Vegas we would go to hot spring and naked water ski on Lake Mead during the week. We have not been to the hot spring in several years but happy to see its still there and in good shape.
          • great tour in a nice place
            • That is awesome what an experience that would be
              • Beautiful woman. I'd love to go on an adventure with you.
                • going to check that out for sure..
                  • I am definitely going to have to check this out!
                    • Cool I would love to go
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