You Have to Be This Old to Enter

You Have to Be This Old to Enter

If you've ever visited a clothing-optional resort community, you may have noticed that there are a large number of people there in their golden years. It seems that retirement helped them to lose their inhibitions and they high-tailed it, en masse, to the local nudist gathering. Certainly, there's nothing wrong with finding the freedom to be around others in your birthday suit, but when the majority of nudists are 55+, does that mean that the younger crowd is left out in the cold?

Although, in theory, nudism is a family-friendly activity for young and old, in practice, it may be a different experience.Whether clothed or naked, there is a generational difference in our approach to life, especially when looking at 20s and 30s vs. 50s and 60s. The younger group may be seen as loud and disrespectful, whereas the older folks may appear to youth as stodgy and not fun. It can be a dilemma, especially for the community organizers who want to plan events that appeal to all visitors.

What has your experience been in the clothing-optional lifestyle? Do you feel too old or too young for some events? Have you ever experienced a feeling of ageism? Chime in below in the comments!

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  • I am much less Self conscious being Naked. It's Me, nothing more, nothing less. I've met more people & maintained many relationships. Younger I kept wondering if I "Measured Up" & now, due to Peyronies, I've Lost a couple inches & It has become Okay, I no longer work to impress or Save people. I'm in the Best Company !
    • I feel many people become less inhibited, less ridged in their thinking as they age. Ive chatted with folks at resorts who have stated that they would never have dropped clothing in their 20s 30s.
      • Many valid points here; - too busy with job, family, school, getting ahead, - the clubs are more than a young family can afford - activities dont attract younger age groups. I would add another reason for older ages attendances. They have done their breeding and raised their offspring, their biological purpose has been fulfilled. They have more realisation that life comes to an end and you dont want to die wishing youd been more uninhibited. Medical events elevate the joy of living.
        • As a young married couple the demands of new family, support for them and the concentration on getting ahead, creating the home, first school activities and the joining of social groups, not only for adults but also those requiring support for the children's activities, is so demanding that the leisure and freedom of nudity is far from anyone's mind, let alone activity. For most this is a common scenario. As a retiree and older person (much older) I have the time, and luxury, to be nude.
          • Haven't had any problems most of the younger generation we have encountered have been very respectful and just enjoying themselves
            • I've not been to a resort in about 10 yrs, but even back then the majority of the people there were sliver hair or in that age range. There not that many younger people, whether singles or couples there, unless it was a special event such as the nude 5k runs. To me, these places should market to the younger people and have something for them. I think many don't go because of the age gaps. I see more of an age range at the clothing optional public park than at a resort.
              • I have noticed their tend to be more older people, however you can often find at least one person in their 30s or younger especially at special events. So the question is how to get more young people involved.
                • i'm 69 and I am going too enoyn my life, newbie can't wait too go too indian hills in slidell, la.
                  • I agree with the comments about resorts charging a lot of money, especially from younger people's point of view. I do see the role that nudist clubs and resorts play but I've spent far more of my life as a nudist visiting public beaches, for free. We've holidayed at nudist resorts many times, but for a day out we're far more likely to go to a nudist beach in summer, there we see a whole range of ages, young couples and families through to people in their 80's. Sometimes the majority are retired, but many yo
                    • I'm only recently entered the 'older age' category post 50 I think, I never experienced agism into my 40's, but in my 50 I have certainly have BUT its when CLOTHED not a nude place! I prefer being with older people anyhow (always have even when 'young') so I love the fact that naturism venues/events attract older people anyhow. The young who dont engage may never know the beauty of older body assets which in my view have character to them unlike young 'assets' which all look the same
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