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News Letter April 15 2020

Just a few quick updates! This cold snap has certainly stalled nude Recreation. Jody from UnKommonlyBound, has an event in Billings coming up in a week. Check their page out on FetLife for the vetting process, I think it's pretty quick....

A new event for September 11th 2021

A new event for September 11th 2021 Wasteland Warlords and Hussies A post-apocalyptic tribute to Mad Max. A costume themed event! (Seems fitting since we're the last Club standing) Meanwhile dig out your old riding gear, hit yard sales and...

A moment of fame !

KMHK news article The above is a news article about the Club. I stumbled upon it yesterday checking for key words related to the Club. Here is the address if you'd rather copy and paste:

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by lovinthesun 
8-28-2021 High Plains Swinger!

Saturday the 28th (1:00 p.m. till late). High Plains Swinger! Is an event we've invited various people to rub elbows with us. It's another Freedom Fest event! A clothing optional event. It'll be barbecuing, there will be a mini...

Update for this Saturday

Club33Montana News update! Sounds like Jodi from the BDSM group in Billings will be coming by the Club for the Saturday soiree, thats 7-31. She's checking to see if other members of her group can come as well. She wanted to do a BDSM class style...

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Cliff's Notes Club Schedule

July 31st Saturday Freedom Fest, the original Nearing 30 on the RSVPs. (Drake has put us in contact with a woman that leads a fairly large BDSM group in Billings, we'll see if any of them are able to participate on short notice. August 14th...

Club33Montana News letter July 21st

We have our new club activity schedule out, we're having a clothing optional Freedom Fest approximately every two weeks. Freedom Fest is a clothing optional event, one only needs a limited membership (it's cheaper than a full membership, if...

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Schedule of Freedom Fest events

Freedom fest is a clothing optional Club gathering, one will be held approximately every two weeks. It's a chance for interested persons to get involved with the Club.... It's available to anyone who has an interest in clothing optional...

Clothing Optional party July 17 (Saturday)

Below I've copy and pasted the details of the up and coming event at the club. If you already have a membership RSVP, if you don't you can purchase an event membership on the club website. It includes 3 days camping if desired, it's 53...

Freedom Fest Saturday 7-31

Last week ends turn out was fucking awesome! The only thing that could have made it better would have been a live band and perhaps more booze.. Coming in 2 weeks, is Freedom Fest Saturday on 7-31, we've had 20 RSVPs so far and haven't...

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