Back in the 70s and 80s we didnt think twice about showering together, swimming nude, changing, being nude in the sauna, etc with other men. There were always some who were more shy than others, for some maybe it was very difficult. But for me and...

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My wifes religious view are blocking me

Howdy! Kbian from Texas!! I am straight. Grown kids. Married 37 years. Stay in fairly good shape. And I love to be naked outdoors!!!! I wish my wife were as enthusiastic as me. We are both religious but she is more into the Adam and Eve story and...


Been trying to find heterosexual men like myself to chat with on Skype and do kegels together. If you would like to know more, message me here or on Skype. My Skype ID is on my profile. Hopefully there are more of us keen on bonding like this.

New Skype Group For Men

Hi everyone! Thanks to the popularity of my other sauna chat room, I decided to create one that is open to all men who want to join, and want to chill out with a good group of men. A few rules: This is basically a digital nude "sauna" room...

New to the group

Hello everyone. I am a 63 year old happily divorced nudist father of two great adult kids. I follow the Eastern (Greek) Orthodox religion. When I was younger, I considered becoming an Orthodox priest, but the language requirement prevented me from...

Nonsexual Video Chat Room

I would like to put together a small group of men for a video chat group. If I can get 4-5 men who want to join, and who I mutually want to chat with, then I will initiate the video chat room. Fully nude. Erections are fine, normal, and natural. Let...

More difficult for men?

I can only approach the topic of nudism from my own experience, but I wonder if it is harder for men--at least in the United States--to find nudist friends who aren't into sex. Throw in a commitment to follow Jesus and live according to the...

Christian History and Nudity

So, how have Christians throughout history regarded same gender nudity?

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