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What could be done?

I know I'm not in a position to do anything. However, what kinds of thing could be done to make this site better? This is a site that i have bern trusting to get to know other nudists. I live in an area that is far from besches, snd resorts. This...

Things My Wife Has Said

I had this on a blog but can't seem to bring it up right now. Will keep searching. Settling for this. In case your wife is shy, take a look at this blog post, "Things My Wife Has Said". Maybe yours can relate to mine. When I broached...

The User Experience

I am re posting this because I am not sure how many of our users actually click on the "BLOG" tab. We started something called "The user experience" and it is actual blogs from our users. I explain it below and every few weeks...

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My Two Cents

What ever happened to this page promoting a social kinship naturists? Way too many times now I've been blocked by some person for doing nothing more than greeting them, welcoming them and wish them a pleasant day. No

Winter Skinny Dip, Southerndown Beach, South...

We have a winter skinny dip session and pub meet planned for Sunday 18th February 2018 at 11am. This will take place at the beach between Southerndown village and Nash Point in South Wales, UK. Meeting in the field/carpark down the lane from the...

new years eve

Hi Im from Portsmouth in Hampshire UK and want to find out if anyone knows of a nude party or gathering on new years eve or if there is anyone who is near who wants to join me and see the new year in nude .

Booted out of chat room

Was in main chat room last night and enquired if any other uk nudist were in room .I was than warned by a moderator to pack it in ! I have been a member of this site for a couple of years and never been warned or flagged up for bad conduct .I asked...

Swindon Naturist Swim

Welcome to Swindon Bare Swim - a friendly place for naturists to enjoy the comforts of a Turkish bath and each others company. We're open all year round, and open to all - singles and couples are both equally welcomed, as long as you're at...

Affiliate Website/Marketing Payments

Hello, I've signed up for the affiliate program for Truenudists and I have reached the median payment. However it has yet to payout. I've filled out all requirements all forms and all paypal information. Is there a specific date that we will...

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Comments about slow site speeds not allowed.

There was a discussion about the site running at slow speed which has been removed about 1/2 an hour ago. This must show there is a problem which the site owners don't want to know about.

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