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Why not say hi and where you're from. You may have a naked friend closer than you think.

I am naked, and I am looking for naked...

Hi everyone. I am Andrea from Italy. I have a "disease" that gives me aesthetic problems but has no other consequences. Anyone who wants can visit my profile to read what I wrote about me. I love being naked and I don't feel...

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Naked in AZ

Hi everybody. Thanks for accepting me into the group. I've been going to Shangri-la Ranch for the last couple of years. I'm hoping to find more folks to meet and socialize with. I'm located in northern AZ. I like to be nude as much as...

KY Friends

Looking for naked friends in western Kentucky. Please, is there any one in the area that wants to meet up? Add me as a friend and message me. Its hard to meet anyone in this area..


Any naked Canadian friends? Eastern or western Canada?

Looking for naked friends

Hello everyone. I am Andrea from Italy, 59 years old, divorced with no children. I love being naked because it's natural. I am fully myself and feel free and true to be naked. I am not ashamed (in fact it makes me very happy) to be seen naked by...

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A picture is worth a thousand words

If you'd like to meet someone, it's easier if they know what you look like.So why not post some photos to the groups media section? Only approved group members can see them and who knows, may the right person will see them as well.

Caught and photo

I was in my back yard picking tomatoes. I was naked of course. Usually mid morning it ts quiet in neighborhood. Anyway, i was very intent in my harvesting. For some reason i glanced toward the road. There was a lady standing infront od her grey...


Hello Everyone. Im 77yo in New Orleans. I was nude sunbathing one afternoon when my granddaughter brought her friend over to meet me. She and I both were very very surprised when they saw me natural. My granddaughters friend said she understood...

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Caught by surprise???

We now have a new paper lady who delivers our paper. She is usually very punctual as to the times of delivery. So one morning, I was on my way to pick up the paper, nude of course, and that morning she had been running a little late. She caught me...

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