C-A-N-R = Christian Association for Nude Recreation.

New to ChristoNudism

Names Draco. Im 24, Baptist, And new to Naturism. Wanted to connect with other Christians here. My folks are Christian, but they think this nudism thing is wicked and immoral. Any advice?

My introduction with saying why I am here

I am glad to be included. I came here a couple of years ago when another nudist Christian came from another site we were using, to True Nudists here. I didn't find that person afterward. But if I find other nudist Christians to have in...

Nudist beach

I just experienced my first clothing optional beach for the first time. Now I know exactly how God intended man to walk in nature. I posted on my Tumblr, link below....

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Prayer request

I am in need of prayer. I am a combat vet with PTSD and had major PTSD event earlier this week. I am now out of work for several weeks.

Happy Saint Patty's Day To All

Hope Everybody Has A Happy Saint Patty.s Day!

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I want to introduce my self, I am John from Pennsylvania.

Wish to to meet Christian naturist in...

I would like to find a Christian naturist man or couple near Rochester to become prayer partners with. My girlfriend could also use one, which is why I mentioned couple.

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Seattle-area Christian naturists/nudists?

Hi, Anyone here who lives in or visits the greater Seattle area? I'd love to get together, even for coffee or lunch. Bill

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Nude churches

Does anyone know of any nude churches in the DFW area of Texas?

Naturist-Christian.org website

Does anyone know what has happened to the Naturist-Christian.org website? I haven't been able to access it for a few days now. I hope everything is alright. I've lost a couple of websites that I like lately due to server policy changes,...