Sunny Rest

How far in advance to book for a weekend?

Hey, been thinking of a trip to SR for a while, and just found out there's a Beer Fest even on the 27th. is it too late to book? Or how far ahead is it a good idea to make a room reservation there? Just not thinking it's a good idea to drive...

this weekend

Well it's their open house weekend tomorrow. It's supposed to be about 75 on Saturday. We're heading up and hope to see some of you up there as well

July 17-19, 2015

Just made reservations for this weekend (July 17-19, 2015)

Miss seeing friends

Anyone else miss seeing our friends from Sunny Rest? I need the warm weather, the conversation pool, Irv's Bistro and just enjoying the sunshine!


any one going to sunnyrest on sunday 9-6-14

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Bouncing Buns

Partner and I were there for the bouncing buns 7K race. It was our first time there and enjoyed it very much. We will be returning definitely in August to do the other race and enjoy the day there. Always enjoy meeting others, especially from TN.

Wine Tasting Today

I've been here all week for the AANR Convention, and today they have wine tasting on the sand volleyball field. What a great experience. Really enjoyed my time here but tomorrow back to the real world! Philly here we come!

Friday 7/25

I'm planning a trip to Sunny Rest for the day, would enjoy meeting with other TN members there.

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heading to the garden of eden with my eve

on our way next weekend for our second time at sunnyrest.wish we could live there