Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

Performed on stage

Three weeks ago did a guitar performance on stage at a talent show.

Peloton Nude

A recent Peloton commercial show Chris Meloni exercising nude, However, the tag line at the end implies that only Chris Meloni uses peloton nude. I would expect that a fair number of people who have it at home do, including many who are not nude in...

Things Done Naked

I spent most of the weekend on a remote property we own. For most of that time, I can say that I wasn't sure exactly where my clothes were. They just weren't on my body. I did the usual nude hiking and yard work, but I also added two new...

As if we needed any more encouragement...

7 Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Means Sleeping Better

Yard and Pool Work

On another site, several people posted that they did yard work and or pool maintenance nude as a paying job, either when the owners were not home or with their permission. Has anyone here done that?

a new warning

I seen today the Texas heat advisory put out a new advisory to wear loose fitting clothing to avoid heat stress! then no clothing should be better?

Nude Photography

Looking for a women to take a few nude shots of me at High Point New Jersey. Nothing more few shots and go.

Life Modelling / nude photography

Hi I'd really love to pose nude for an artist or a photographer. If anyone is at all interested or has any useful contacts, I'd be really grateful. I'm based near Cambridge in the UK but happy to travel. Thanks Graeme

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Kayak nude

For a dozen years, I had a cottage on a small fishing lake in NE Indiana. It did not allow skiing or jet skis so it was very quiet and peaceful. I only wore a small speedo around the cottage so the neighbors were used to seeing me with little...

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