Things to do nude

Talk about things that do and don't go well with nudity

House Rules

Where I used to live, we had two rules: 1. You could be naked anywhere in the house. 2. You couldn't fry foods while naked. We didn't want to have to explain to the paramedics how you got burned in that particular place.

Rock climbing nude!

... can be pretty liberating, but just remember to use a comfortable harness! (Also, it pays for whoever is belaying you to be a good friend!!)

Drawbacks of living in a condo

I have been living in an apartment building for 20 years and although the curtains on my windows are always down, sometimes I have gone through uncomfortable moments for me and for one or another neighbor. The first time was a day that I had just...

The Church of the Good Life Now

The Church of the Good Life Now

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Scuba diving

Being a lifelong nudist there is one thing for sure I can assure you, eventually others will see you naked whether or not it was planned! These are stories of a few memorable moments that I have endured while being caught naked! Caught naked in the...

Nude Home Improvement

Last Friday, I was assembling some new bar stools (there's a pic in my profile) and I realized that I really really detest working on things around the house, unless I'm doing it naked. I'm convinced it's the only way I'm going...

Naked swim parties

Throw a nude swim party if you have a pool or have excess to one. Nothing better then a group of friends enjoying a nude sunny day swimming. and laying out. And maybe a BBQ to boot. Tell me your thoughts. Love the summer time for going nude in my...

How far were you from your clothes?

Australia Day kind-of signals the end of the summer holiday season Downunder, as schools return for a new year. With it falling on a Tuesday this year, many turned it into a long weekend and got away. I was able to do a little nude kayaking when not...

NYC nudist book club or game night

hi looking for other avid readers who would like to start a mid week monthly book club for after work. Game night works too, but preferably a book club. shoot me an email here on the site. can host in lic

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National Nude Recreation Week

"July 5 to 11 is National Nude Recreation Week, a time when naturist organizations such as the American Association For Nude Recreation (AANR) and The Naturist Society (TNS) go all out to promote the benefits of enjoying lifes pursuits sans...

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