Open Door Naked

Opening the door naked

When I am home all alone I am naked. Well nothing changed on this one day. I got word from my husband that someone was going to stop by to pick up something. Well, I forgot all about it and was laying out naked catching some sun, fell asleep. Guess...

neighbors see me naked

I have neighbors who can see into my yard they see me every time in the back yard sunning or using the hot tub which is every day with no issues they have also seen my male friends who come for my monthly naked parties and they have never complained...

Front door naked

Always been a fantasy of mine to do this with maybe a neighbour or female postal worker delivery person etc xxx

jehovah's witness

hi all yeah open door to jehovah's witness once they not been back lol, post man oftern sees me and next door

Furnace Repair

My furnace quit putting out warm air -- I generally heat my house with wood, but I'm low and will need to run the furnace for a couple of days until I can get more wood. Called a repair guy. Said he could be out in about an hour. I told him...

New rules and requirements

As of today, all members require certification to join this private group. Those who do not yet have certification will be given one week to do so. After that, all members without certification will be deleted and removed. TN has tightened the rules...

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amazon delivery guy

Had to share this with the group, Its a gorgeous day here so I decided to take some nude photos in my front garden. Its quite large but is overlooked. Nipped out with just my camera and my flip flops. Just as I was stood there posing for the photo...

Knock on the door

Well at home I'm always naked and to be honest you forget your naked, well this morning the door bell rang and I was in my way when I got a knock knock like someone was in a bad mood. Anyway I hurried to the door and opened it to confronted by...

Three A.M.

Years ago, I was living in town in another state. Doorbell rang at 03:00. I jump out of bed, ran down the stairs, and opened the door. Two teenaged girls were standing there. They wanted to know when the bus came through. I said there is no bus...

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Unannounced vs. Invited

If someone comes to my house unannounced, I have no problem just opening the door and finding out what they need. There's a sign on the door stating that this is a nudist household. It's not a warning or a caution, as there's nothing to...

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