Labia Lovers

Labia are pierced

Chris started with her first little labia ring when 16. Later on there came a second. The models and sizes changed a few times during the years. Since 6 years now, the got the last 2 in het outside labias who came more outside with coming older.

Labia size

So for those who like large labia hanging down, what would be too big?

My wife has beautiful lips

I really enjoy having people check out my wife's lovely labia. Added another photo

New to the group

It looks like posting a close up labia pic isn't allowed. Does anyone use hangouts or wickr? Would love to share and chat with other women.

Hanging Labias Or Hidden Labias

I love Labias in all there shape and size. What or which ones do you wish you had or prefer? With nudism being of acceptance and how beautiful everyone's body is , do you ladies find this part being a touchy subject?

New posting

Hi posted a photo of me showing my labia....always had big lips even as a teen. Hope you all enjoy looking I know many men do and Im happy to show

Asian labia

Jade is a filipina and has a very smooth labia, Unless she has been active then much more is visible. We both really love to show her lady parts to any and all who will look. Please enjoy, comment and download. We are also happy to friend nice...

Real Members Contributing

Hi, Not being judgemental but I suggest that it would be great if the Group only accepted posts of real site members, rather than internet harvested porn. There are a lot of lady members like me who love to pose for the camera. I think it would be...

Hi there swm 60 seeks f or mf or mfmf

Also amateur photographer. Love to help the ladies accentuate their nature given beauty.. jcarterb33369@gmail. com PS the last pic was a mistake and I couldn't figure out how to delete

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Book of Flowers

Hello everyone. as an pencil artist I am doing most nudes or seminudes. One of my models came with an idea of making sketches of vulvas. A vulva is the most beautiful thing mother nature made, each vulva is unique ! The idea was born - 100 Flowers....

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