A woman's beautiful anatomy

I have always been intrigued by a woman's anatomy. From the round areola to the many protruding aspects of a soft full swinging set of the breasts. I love to feel them pressing against my chest. Breasts are beautiful whether they are small or in...

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Boob Jobs

Like many of the threads I have read, we are all fans of the wonderful fleshy skin that is owned by half the population. I love them all, with size being a bit down the list for what constitutes a great set of boobs. Smaller boobs remain more...


Nothing better then nice set of breast to play with

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Have you ever done the boat motor between a set of big boobs?

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I don't know who she is that adorns the heading for this group but her tits are amazing! ;)

Why women shouldn't wear a bra

I came across an article that says it's better not to wear a bra: why without a bra?

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Kissing and sucking breasts

From my childhood I like to see, to suck, to kiss breasts of any beautiful lady Now as a masseur most of my lady clients wants me to spend more time on their breasts. they like crushing kissing and sucking their breasts by me and i am doing it very...

Nipple fetish?

I love breasts but really love nipples. To the point (so to speak) where I have actually been working on mine to make them longer and more sensitive. It is probably pretty odd especially as a straight man, to be into such a thing. Anyone else have...

Being topless is the best!

At work I go braless under my cami and smock. When I'm home I'm nude and when I go out I make sure my nipples are visible under my top and my boobs have a little bounce, When I go hiking I'm either nude or topless just like at the beach.


So why do men, and women, like looking at female breasts. Is it from infancy? Or is it because the nipples are hard wired to the genitals? That might work for the ladies. For the men - maybe its the way they move (and feel). Or...