Getting the Perfect Length

Most of my shorts are home made. They are usually long pants or jeans I already own or buy specifically for the purpose of making into shorts. Since most of the shorts being sold are too long for my taste, I end up altering them to a more...

Going to lowes

Was doing work around house had to run to lowes went in my shorts and commando my shorts are sort of see throught

Balls Bulge

Call me a renegade, Ive heard it all before lol I wear rings on my balls. The feeling is amazing. As a free baller, I'm gonna give low hanger bulge as well. I am always keen to not look grotesque, but masculine. In, say, a home Depot, many a guy...

Curvy Erotic Juicy

Curvy Erotic Juicy My Services are erotic lick eat & GFE & 69 style &BBBJ+BJ no condom &body to body, massage &shower together &kissing and touch me & B2B If you are interested here's my hangout NOTE I...

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Hook up, cool price men with good pipe

Im available for hook up with anyone who hook me up I dont charge too much and I have a good sexy Perfect body you wont regret having a nice with me as I offer blow job, anal, bbj and Greek I have a good wet juicy pussy that you will be willing to...

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Does anyone wear rings under shorts for...

My wife recently let's me do this...and I love it but also hate it at the same time

What is the actual purpose of wearing...

I have never really understood why we all seem to feel it so necessary to wear underwear - perhaps someone can explain as I just find it very uncomfortable and too hot especially in summer

Love wearing a rubber ring.

I love wearing one around my smooth cock and balls. It makes a huge bulge! Wear light colored shorts and no underwear.

Visible Penis Outline

When choosing pants do you go for something you know will allow your penis outline to show? I love wearing gym shorts and knowing if people are looking for it, they can definitely see the size and shape of my package. (Not the biggest either)...

Freeballing and a cock ring

I find that waering a cockring while freeballing gives a nice bulge. Anyone else do this?! Also a couple fo times - it takes a trained eye I guess (!) - I have seen guys freeballing quite obviously also wearing a PA.