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Nude Bahamas Sailing in April

So for my upcoming 5-0, I have decided that I want to go on a nude sailing (not cruise). I want it to small and relaxing. I am looking into Does anyone have good or bad news with regards to this outfit. Are there any pointers you...

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The worst punishment for nudists...?

Six years ago, when I went into retirement at 62, something happened that wasn't my idea of a free life with lots of time on my hands. I was diagnosed with Plak Psoriasis. It's a harmless disease, but it makes you look like a leper. I, with...

A very clean topic of discussion

What kinda of soaps do you gents use?I've read it's easier to make a moisturizing liquid body wash since a bar has to be somewhat firm.I've been trying all kinds of soaps. And I've found people sometimes really don't like Irish...


Hi everyone,I have always wondered why nearly everyone is calling men's genitalia ''junk''! I think this is very unfair since we all are proud of our penises, love to show them and in addition to that others likes to see them too....

Tan lines?

How many of y'all don't have any tanlines? I've been wanting to get rid of mind but they're stubborn as hell.


Hi where are you?

Latest PostSydney
by tonynude69 
New WhatsApp Group

Hey AllMens Naked Chat GroupAll WelcomeCome Join UsPm If you request to Join

Gym changing room

Guys do you walk around naked in the gym changing room or towel to cover your privates ?

Urinal etiquette Study

Has anyone purposing go to a urinal (no dividers) and pee with your dick hanging out of your pants and trying to see if any men would try to take a peek of your dick while your are pissing? I always wanted to do this but my hesitation on doing this...

Naturism/nudity and sex/sexuality.

Hello everyone, I am starting this topic because of some of the things I read in the MEN'S ROOM forum. I realise that some won't agree with me on this topic, and I welcome constructive comments from all of you. As human beings, we are all...

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