Naked at home - 2014 / 2021 -

New home

A little worried that the hedges are a little thin in places love being naked as much as possible but don't want to upset new neighbours or very understanding wife any suggestions.?

Nude at home

Hello everyone. Just joined the group. I am naked at home as much as possible. Especially now that summer has hit.

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Thanks guys,really nice set of pics...

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be a nudists no matter

dont worry about who is watching or filming be what you want to be

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People with piercings

Ihave had my scrotum pierced for a number of years now and still love the look and feel are there any others with piercings just adds to the feeling of freedom to decorate and be comfortable naked any where

Hi. New to group!

I just wanted to say hi. I am new to the group.

Latest PostHi welcome
by yerwhit 

I enjoy being nude at home 24/7 also love the beaches

Country living

Hi all. Live out in the country a bit so with several acres around me I have the luxury of being naked at home much of the time. This includes walks, naked naps in the back yard, mowing and or yard work. Before sunrise i like to walk down the...


I find housework so much pleasanter in the nude, especially ironing (lol) and cleaning. Gardening is more fun too when it's warm enough.

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