People that are open about the fact they are nudists

Nudist Family

I have seen some people that were raised as nudists... this is such a privilege! My dream is to have a nudist family. I'd love to hear some experiences or chat more about it. If anyone wants to, send me a message!


To be honest I do not care who knows that I am a Naturist. I have kept it hidden from the world from being a teenager, when I thought I was a unique teenager who just enjoyed being naked, untl 4 years ago when I had major life giving heart surgery,...

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Nudist signage

We recently thought of purchasing a sign informing all who come to our house that we were nudists. While there were many to choose from, the ones whose message started out with the word " Beware " caught our eyes in a negative way. Instead...

Middle Tennessee

Even at the age of 73 I let everyone know I am a nudist. I live a lone in a one bedroom apartment with my drapes wide open and answer the door naked. Nudism is a natural and wonderful way to live.

Growing up as a nudist

Has anyone been a nudist for all their life? If so, was there any anxiety when going through puberty? Did sexual tension ever affect life as a nudist while growing up? I have read many fictional stories about the topic and all of the stories, pretty...

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The advantages of being open about being a...

I used to work somewhere that my nudism could have been a major problem. I didn't like having to keep being a nudist a secret. I don't see what is wrong with enjoying being nude, both on my own at home and socially. Good friends had known...

not open yet

Hi. Joined this group to read about how others became open about being nudists. We're a bit secretive , except of course to the people we've met at resorts.

Profiles displayed in public

I like being open about being a nudist to all, it makes life simpler. I like having nothing to hide about my nudism in real life and am happy to being open online about it too. Online I like seeing others fully nude and recognizable too, something...


Greetings everyone Welcome to this site for those of us that do not keep secret the fact we are nudists. My name is George Winlock and I have been a nudist for a number of years now. My friends and family know that I am a nudist and am now living...

New here and am open

Hello, I am 23 and male. I am open to nudism. I've been a nudist by heart my whole life and not raised nudist. I'm willing to be out but am fearful of when to come out to others about me being a nudist. I'm willing to be a spokesperson...

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