Day Visit

I did a day pass to the resort. I was in port on Carnival Breeze last week.
They meet me at the port and drove me out to the resort, about a 45 minute drive. its out of the way and private. Nice small resort, staff very friendly and accommodating. I did meet one of the owners. Very nice.
With the day pass I had full use of the resort, they provided a fruit plate and drink when I arrived and a lunch which was very good.
Off the main beach, there are trails to another beach, which is designated no clothing allowed. (The main beach is "topless" unless a naturalist week, which seems to be most weeks, then its optional clothing). There are a number of secluded spots to lay out also, all have 2 or more loungers. Perfect to get away with someone :). There motto is "Feel Good, Be Happy".

A group of nude yoga had left the morning I arrived, so resort was pretty quiet, I only saw two other couples. May is starting of summer slow period. Busier through holidays (when people want to get away from the cold) to May when it starts to get warmer. They close in Oct to give everyone a vacation.

I enjoyed my stay and will be back.

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RE:Day Visit

I will be in Roatan Aug 31-Sept 6 sounds like you would recommend this spot? are there any other spots to hit?

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