Werrong Beach nude Walks


We have a small group that has just started meeting on Sunday mornings for a hike down to Werrong Beach.
Werrong Beach is located south of Sydney and is a legal nude beach.

The track down to Werrong Beach is about 1.5kms and is unique as it exclusively services Werrong Beach.
This means that while hiking the track naked a chance encounter with a textile walker is remote and if there is an encounter offending them is unlikely.

The walk down to the beach is lovely and once under the canpoy of the trees the temperature is warm and comfortable even on a very windy day.

We are looking to expand our group of walkers and hoping you would be interested in joining us in the near future for one of our walks.

I have documented some of our walks and you can read about them here https://www.truenudists.com/group/werrong-beach-track-nude-walkers/

For more information on the track here is a link to the Royal National Parks website https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/things-to-do/walking-tracks/werrong-beach-track

Our goal is to develop a regular group walk and we are hoping you could join us.

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RE:Werrong Beach nude Walks

It is an excellent beach and really like the hike

Just a pity I don't live closer as it would be great to join you

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RE:Werrong Beach nude Walks

Am looking forward to joining the group occasionally as I have commitments and am still up in the Northern Rivers. See you in a few weeks.

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RE:Werrong Beach nude Walks

I'm really looking forward to being able to join you. It's the nearest beach to home (nude anyway) and I drive past sometimes on my way home from work. The track is great exercise too!

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