Any one visiting Dubai

I would host you free and I would accommodate you as much as I can. I am alone and desperate to see some nudist

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RE:Any one visiting Dubai

Try listing at You can list for free or for a fee, whichever you want.

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RE:Any one visiting Dubai

What nudist in sane mind would visit a country with such archaic laws and barbaric punishment?

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RE:Any one visiting Dubai

funny you should say that. I stayed with a fellow nudist just last month in Abu Dhabi. He is Canadian and works there for the winter, his local buddy a UAE native came over and joined us in the buff for the evening. Then he was my tour guide the next day. enjoyable time there

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RE:Any one visiting Dubai

My company sent me there to provide technical support and training for one of their products back in 1993. Was in Qtar and UAE for 10 days, Dubai is part of UAE. Don't let the pictures and travel brochures fool you. Social attitudes there are still from 1400. Wouldn't go back there for any reason.

Did a little discrete asking around and found that nudity is not allowed, period. If two guys are found together nude they are immediately branded gay and arrested. The punishment is to be flogged to death or to be thrown from top of the nearest building. Even in the 'western' zones the risk is too high.

And if you think that is bad, if a man an women are found nude and not married, the woman is stoned to death. If they are married they are whipped in public for shameful behavior. But maybe not the guy, because they think that she must be a whore and enticed him. No appeal, it just happens.

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