Fort Lauderdale January 18-22, 2018

Is there one clothing-optional resort that's better than the others?

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RE:Fort Lauderdale January 18-22, 2018

Ive stayed at Elysium over MLK weekend a few times and it was oaky - not huge crowds, for better or worse I guess. Was kinda fun to bring a new friend or two over, though, to hang out naked. Want some company? :P

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RE:Fort Lauderdale January 18-22, 2018

Elysium has been bought out and is no longer nudist nor gay-catering. It was bought up by an investment group that also bought up several other inns including.

I recently stayed at Lush Royale which was nice but it was a conflicting thing because the owners of LR are the ones who bought Elysium and changed it. At least they kept 1 property gay and nude...

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RE:Fort Lauderdale January 18-22, 2018


I've always liked Windamar bc the management is great. They have a play room but it's totally set apart from the rest of the hotel so you don't have to see any play if you don't want to but it's around the back side so you can jump in if you do. No "action" allowed in plain sight (pool/buffet area). One minus is that the beds are not the best. They are fine for 1, maybe 2 nights but if you're staying longer, you might want to reconsider.

Another similar property is the Worthington, minus the play room. It's fine but not a lot of amenities.

Then The Grand is a little more high-end and has a very proper spa. The Grand is only clothing-optional in the pool area but sometimes they have nudist days where they open nudity to the whole place so if that distinction matters to you, be sure to call ahead (they keep their website up to date but a phone call is always a good idea).

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