Nudist Spots in Central Virginia

This may not be the correct area for this topic, but I couldn't find another area that it better fit.

I live in central Virginia and know of a spot where outdoor nudism is possible. I say "possible" because there are a few problems with the area. First, it's not legal to be nude there. Second, one must be extremely discreet in order to take advantage of it. Third, the area itself is not huge; it's big enough to provide some cover, enabling a decent amount of safety, as long as you're smart, but long hikes and so forth would be pretty-much out of the question.

However, if you live in central Virginia and are looking for a spot where you could toss out a blanket and get an even tan, this might work for you.

If you're interested, feel free to private message me and I'll give you details.

Happy Trails!

Seeker :^)

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