High School

Has the chat room always had high school cliques? The major theme of the room seems to be "we hate everyone that is not one of us". There never seems any room for new people to break the code. This chat room is one of the major draws for me, but I don't care for it much.

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RE:High School

There are people that have been members here for quite awhile. They've gotten to know each other as nudists, then as friends. Just like in the real world. There are also times of day where those in the chat room all seem to be from the same part of the world. Shared time zone. What are you expecting or hoping for? Just keep talking, commenting on the existing conversation.

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RE:High School

interesting place isn't it, sometimes it can be very hard work in there, got to admit that even I am avoiding it at the moment and many others i know are the same it has become a little bit exclusive. This topic has come up a few times with suggestions to make it better as so many just sit on the sidelines and a handful dominate the room with limited non inclusive conversations.
It is one of the biggest appeals for the site but most of us now just log on to there to pm when we see someone we know, as to what do we expect from a social chatroom? - well social and chat is the obvious answer. Still if you like talking about the weather and saying hello, and back later or off to make a coffee endlessly, then it is a good place to waste a few hours of life. There are some interesting inclusive people there if you are lucky to log on the same time as them but the pm's i am getting indicate it is in decline as a wider social platform. Shame though isn't it.

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