RE:How Do We Combat the Idea that Nudity is Wrong?

That is a very well thought-out reply. I agree with your points, and have a little info to back up my support for your ideas.

I was raised a nudist. I mean from day 1. Now that I'm 40-something, I am quite successful in my field and have a pretty cool life. Little to no stress, tops in my field, and have a fantastic, blessed marriage. My wife and I waited until after our wedding night before we lost our virginity and are better off for it. Would we have waited if one or both of us was raised hiding our bodies with clothing? Probably not.

To your second point, I never understood the whole connection to nudity and sex. I suppose for those raised with body shame and hiding one's body, it's easy to make the connection. But, then why not associate nudist with showering instead?? I suppose there is some mind game that goes along with it while growing up in bodily oppression.

I often ask people, do you associate pencils with spelling errors? Do you associate spoons with obesity? Although, some people who have been raised in a liberal environment do associate guns with crime, etc. Those of us raised in a conservative environment will associate guns with sport or feeding the family instead. I suppose it all stems from the brainwashing applied from childhood. Same with body shame or clothing addiction.

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RE:How Do We Combat the Idea that Nudity is Wrong?

The how do we combat should be under 2 headings; first in our own immediate social lives, and second in the wider social world.

The first is easy; be yourself and surround that persona with like minded people. This will bring choices of who you spend time with and an evaluation of how essential it is to you to be naked with them if they do not approve. ie do you stay married to an anti naturist or live in a family of non nudists once you are of age to move out. Decisions with consequences obviously but that is down to your own strength of ethos. The point is it is in your control as long as you are willing to accept consequences.

The second; you have absolutely no control or options in the wider community, at any point you might come up against someone who will cause you problems for being nude. Even is you are only nude in naturist social situations the wider community you interact with may be a problem in your doing this.

I suppose this gives us a third heading, how do we change the world.

That is simple, we get rid of religion (like it or not nudity is not encouraged by the majority of religious people, read the word majority here please). Then we get rid of erection fear, the denial that we are biological machines and have physical reactions. This disregards that the negatives that erections create are created by the mind not the body, ie what the owner does with it (plenty of links to sin here). Then we get rid of children's bodies fears, they are bodies can be beautiful they can be seen and looked at, they are not sexual pleasure things but can be interesting to see how we all develop. The fear is that anyone who looks is an abuser with sexual inclination, that has created a culture of hiding and wrong in everyone's minds. It follows that we need to get rid of those who see sex with children in this. Once children are safe from predators without having to hide they will become body confident adults with healthy attitudes towards sex and bodies as adults. We need to get rid of marketing, fashion, media, celebrity status and the host of other inputs that clearly defines women. children makes etc as sexual you want me images. Alternatively (or in addition) we need to get rid of the belief in some that this imagery gives permission to abuse, exploit and act against others to gain sexual satisfaction or dominance or control (often religion abuse by creating sin to control again).

Lastly we need to accept we are animals in every way and that society rules are a very recent invention and we are struggling to adopt these and so open frank discussion on sex is needed, not more rules more closed minds and yet more i am a woman you can't think about me like that mentality. We can think about you like that, our minds are very strange places, primitive places. no amount of social expectation and rules, sin or any other attempt to control thoughts will ever change this process. What can be done though is to educate by example, by being open- fully. The present culture is to show sex is great and all consuming (which it can be) and is available with anyone you want regardless (which it isn't) that children have no sexuality (which they do as they reach puberty- not an age of consent specific age) and must be hidden in cotton wool and detached from the adult world by censorship, Disney and a host of make believe crap and then suddenly thrown into it at some county specified date (which they are not the WWW has ended this for ever, kids watch porn and look at naked images like it or not, the issue is they cannot talk to open adults about this due to marketing of the abuse factor and so are confused).

In short you are not going to change the world until you address a lot of things, both in your own mind and the wider society concept. This is going to be a very difficult thing for many to do as it relies on the wider society not abusing that openness, that is not going to happen. Would you allow your child to walk naked in the company of strangers to be the sacrificial lamb of peace, or risk your job by setting up a open social account of your nudity, or ask the girls on this site to go on cam naked to start the change and intelligently deal with the idiots who want to wank over them, ie change them by making female nudity so common the urge goes away, while accepting this will take time and so they will have to interact with them on some positive changing level? Or even state to textiles that we are human and not saints we do sometimes get aroused by someone we like naked, or do you fear that naturism will become even more criticised if we admit to being just the same as them but with less issues?

Your question is a good one but the answer isn't one you will like - we will never combat it until the majority buy into it. Even in the naturist community the openness required to make change is not there, one rule is replaced by another, SEX is the fear not the pleasure it should be, bodies are still selectively portrayed for fear of generating lust, threads are limited by narrow minded self served values. Nudity is not automatically sex no matter how attractive the person is everyone knows that, but until we get to the place where no one of any age or sex hides their body while still being able to healthily embrace their own sexual thoughts and acknowledging that others can think what they want (but not act without permission) naturism is not going to be widely adopted.

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