RE:Nude in gym locker room

To mikesghost. re: 20s guys. Yup... very few younger men shower at my Y. And what's even more stupid if they do, they shower with their briefs or boxers on!! How stupid is that! But of course their generation wasn't raised to take showers after PE class like many of us... why this turn occurred slowly over the years I'm not sure. Some may comment its about some guys being concerned about someone being gay. Well what it they are? Do these guys think the gay guys are going to rape them in the shower. In fact its weird how all this has played out. The guys from the 60s and 70s you would assume would be more "nervous" for lack of a better word, about gay guys than a guy of 23. The 20s kids are used to friends being gay since that whole subject if more accepted and open now. Heck in some high schools its apparently "cool" to be gay. So its really ironic that millenials are more much sexually open than early generations yet theyre so much more modest. Do they turn out the lights the first time they're "with a girl" after a fraternity party? Okay men in your 20s... response? (Well of course guys in their 20s who are on here are going to be okay with nudity- lol - but you hear what we're saying....)

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RE:Nude in gym locker room

Re post 16 - Profind. Interesting thought. I bet you're right. :)

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