RE:Want to be employed at a nudist resort

Check the ads in the back of AANR's 'Bulletin' magazine. Resorts advertise for caretakers/help pretty regularly this time of year although they generally are looking for couples.

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RE:Want to be employed at a nudist resort

My idea as many know already is to start my own business, one that would appeal to everyone, because everyone likes to eat fresh harvested food, make good profit, and allow me to work nude year round as well. Nutrient dense salad farming. Outside in summer and greenhouse in winter. There's so much that can be done that isn't being done, to boost the flavor and nutrition of our food. Get the flavor up by feeding the plants right and it will sell like crazy for top prices. And you couldn't find a healthier occupation. It can be done on very little land space, There are farmers making well over the average income on a half acre. Of course doing that in a nude community or resort would be real nice too.

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RE:Want to be employed at a nudist resort

Bare Oaks Family Naturist Resort in Ontario, Canada has an all nude staff because of strong belief in real naturist values. They even have their own podcast series, The Naturist Living Show, in which some episodes discuss employment and staff. The owner is a genuine naturist and his other podcast episodes are wonderful to listen to. They are actually a main contributor to myself becoming a naturist about 4 years ago. It is my understanding that Bare Oaks does have homes on the property, and the policy for the park is clothes-free and not clothing-optional. I actually prefer clothes-free policies myself because clothing-optional defeats the true meaning and values of naturism. Anyway I would definitely check out their website and podcasts. They are known for hiring many college aged and young naturists for staff and summer help. Good luck!

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