"Newbie" nudist

Hey all!

I've been a nudist for about 4 years now (thats when I started going to local beaches so I consider that to be the landmark heh), im from Slovenia - its a tiny country, not many people of my generation are interested in nudism and nudist socializing so ...thats kinda lame.

I came to this site in hopes I actually make genuine friends and hopefully meet in real life ...but yeah. I noticed a lot of people here just hoard contacts and nobody ever bothers to talk xD oh well

Im looking for people closer to my age as i can relate to them better. I hope you all read my profile ... and if you find it relatable feel free to add me on here :) Id be happy to hear from all of u.

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RE:"Newbie" nudist

Not in or even close to your age group or location, but I do have a question.
You mentioned that young people in your country are not into nudism.
While I don't know the regional politics or language, I do know that Croatia is next to your country and also small.
I have also read that Croatia is relatively nudist friendly.
Would there be opportunities to meet fellow nudists there.

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RE:"Newbie" nudist

Yeah croatia has a lot more to offer in regards to nudism. But croatia attracts more foreign tourists and less locals in my opinion. Its more like - id prefer having local friends because we could be in more regular contact. I dont want to be dependent on going to resorts to have any social experience. I go to local slovenian beaches, but again ...guys like me are a rarity there lol.

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RE:"Newbie" nudist

Hey there, I can't help you much. I'm from the Netherlands and I crossed the magical age of 30, no longer a youngster like you. Only advice: Italy is also closeby. I wish you luck.

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RE:"Newbie" nudist

Hi Im new at be a nudist

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