Difficult to Believe

All the interest in alternative getaway vacations, large scale events (Burning Man, Fremont Solstice, WNBRs) and more, that we cannot "network" with each other and create even a temporary employment agency for people truly in need of work or extra income! This may be the greatest challenge of our times, not getting people to understand nudism or accept nudity, but finding ways for Nudists to support Nudists for income opportunities. Truly! We need it, regular income to enable each person to survive, earn a living and do good things for ourselves and others.

Even the large national and international nudist associations should be large enough to address the issue of "Nudist interests" on resumes, in pre-employment chats, as a matter of background checks and in social media "footprints", because the subject must come up from time to time. Are people only treating it as a 'hobby' rather than a lifestyle or deeply committed belief?

I hope all TN members will read and contribute some brainstorming on this topic. I know that I need family sustaining options and I believe others must have a need also.

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