RE:Valley View hot springs/Orient Land Trust

Ive been to Valley View several times this year. Two things I have observed. The first is that the popularity has increased, and you need to think a month or two ahead if you want a good RV spot. Fortunately, because of the reservation system, that does not result in more people on the site. The second observation may be tied to number 1. It has been decidedly more naturist this year. At any given time, I feel like at least 50 percent of the people there have no qualms about being naked anywhere on the propertyboth sexes and all ages. Rarely do you see bathing suits, and there have been more naturist families. This is different from previous years, where there might be a couple of naked guys walking around the property, and everyone else may get naked in the hot springs. It seems like the one-off curious tourists are missing. People who go, because they are nudists/naturists are more likely to have made reservations weeks in advance. I hope this trend continues and it is not just a fluke of the days Ive been there this year, which is possible.

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