Why Am I Sick? - Vitamin D Deficiency...

My daughter (who isn't a nudist), has been having all kinds of problems, we couldn't figure out what was the cause of them....

Chronic Fatigue, Muscular Aches, Depression, Irritable Bowel....

You name it, not problems you would expect for a 27 year old...

We chalked it up to her being mom to a houseload of kids, and stress...

Finally today, after being told she had everything in the book (in the past), she found out she is deficient in vitamin D...

50 nM/L is normal, 30 nM/L is Deficient, hers is 18 nM/L (a level that increases your risk of death by ALL factors significantly)...

Now we don't know if it's because she has some problem with absorption
of Vit. D, or if she just doesn't get out in the sun much (which she

The Doctor told her she would have to drink 40 glasses of milk a day to get enough Vitamin D, or move to Arizona (seriously), he didn't however mention that she could become a nudist...

So now she is starting on a prescribed Vitamin D supplement of 50,000 units a week...

According to the article the average person can make about 20,000 units from 20 minutes of sun exposure...

I suppose that may vary if you live too far from the equator ...

Actually in winter above 35 degrees north of the equator
or below 35 degrees south of the equator, the chances of your body
making vitamin D are nil...

She Lives in central Illinois (haven't worked out what latitude that is yet)...

Brenda and I haven't mentioned to our family that we are nudists (or even home nudists)...

After I told my her she should lay out at least 20 minutes 3x a week
(=60,000 units), I jokingly told her she should become a nudist...

She kind of laughed and said "they have camps for that", I told her I was calling her from one - LOL

Anyway here is the article, hope it is informative...

The Dangers of Vitamin D Deficiency

Published by Sandy Robinson at under Drugs/Supplements (on the Fighting Fatigue Blog)...

To Read It From The Original Source Click Here...


I wrote an article online about the dangers of Vitamin D deficiency and
thought it would be fitting for this site. Never try to diagnose
yourself. Always see a physician with any questions on Vitamin D
Deficiency or any other health issues.

I never realized until I was diagnosed with a serious Vitamin D
deficiency what all problems this could cause. My doctor was very
concerned because my levels were dangerously low and he immediately put
me on a high dose Vitamin D supplement. Some other health problems my
doctor told me Vitamin D deficiency could cause include heart disease,
chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, hypertension, arthritis, depression,
inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, PMS, Crohns Disease, cancer, MS
and other autoimmune diseases.

The Vitamin D Council states that Vitamin D deficiency can also cause
stroke, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle wasting and birth defects.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists released a report in October
of 2007 that stated approximately one in four patients who have chronic
pain issues were also found to have low levels of Vitamin D. This was
according to a new study that the American Society of Anesthesiologists
conducted. Their study also found that those with lower levels of
Vitamin D required higher doses of morphine over a longer period of

According to the Vitamin D Council, if you are someone who completely
avoids the sun you will need to take approximately 4,000 units of
Vitamin D per day. You would have to drink 40 glasses of milk a day or
take 10 multivitamins a day to get the required amount of Vitamin D.
Naturally neither one of these methods is recommended so what are we to
do? Many people now fear the sun due to the increasing awareness and
prevalence of the deadly skin cancer, Melanoma. The Vitamin D Council
says that most people typically make about 20,000 units of Vitamin D
after 20 minutes of sun exposure, which is about 100 times more than
the daily amount of Vitamin D the FDA says we need. Tanning beds are
another option to get the required amounts of Vitamin D also.
Personally I will not use a tanning bed or spend excessive amounts of
time out in the sun due to fear of skin cancer.

There is another option if you are not a sun worshiper. You can have
your physician administer a 25-hydroxyvitamin test to determine if you
have optimal levels of Vitamin D in your blood. The Vitamin D Council
considers optimum levels to be approximately 50 nM/L. The
25-hydroxyvitamin test measures the amount of calcidiol (a prehormone
found in the blood that is produced in the liver). This is considered
the most reliable form of testing for Vitamin D deficiency. If this
test shows that you are indeed Vitamin D deficient, there is also a
supplemental vitamin D3 cholecalciferol you can take.

In order to get the proper amount of Vitamin D your body requires, you
need to be able to find a healthy balance of sunlight, but still reduce
your risk of skin cancer, particularly Melanoma. Wear sunscreen every
time you are in the sun and keep your sun exposure to 20 minutes at a

Sources used for this article include:

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Vitamin D Council - Vitamin D Research and Research Requirements Link

Other Fighting Fatigue articles on Vitamin D Deficiency:

Low Vitamin D Associated With Increased Risk of Death

Vitamin D Deficiency: A Disease of Neglect

Low Vitamin D May Be Harmful to Bones of Those with IBD

Vitamin D & Vitamin D Deficiency Links

Vitamin D Deficiency Tied to Back Pain In Older Women

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RE: Why Am I Sick? - Vitamin D Deficiency...

Dang - I never knew vitamin D deficiency was that serious. Hope she gets well soonest! That said, I love the way you replied, "I'm calling you from one!"

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RE: Why Am I Sick? - Vitamin D Deficiency...

Wow! This is a very timely post!!! I was just talking to a naturopathic doctor about finding ways to be proactive about my health. She asked me if I am prone to the winter blues, and I said YES!!! I didn't even know that you can have the amount of vitamin D in your blood tested. Most regular docs don't do it because they would rather write a scrip. Ask for it the next time you have a blood test. My doc put me onvitamin D drops, and I just got them today. We'll see how it goes... Be good, be healthy, and be nude ~ Lauri

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RE: Why Am I Sick? - Vitamin D Deficiency...

Very interesting post. I also suffer from lethargy, muscle aches, neuralgia, IBS, SADs...thought it was all residual of my four bouts with Lyme Disease. Will ask the doc to check my D levels next time I'm there.



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RE: Why Am I Sick? - Vitamin D Deficiency...

Vitamin D: a MUST for optimal health

Vitamin D is well known for enhancing calcium absorption as we work to build or maintain bone density. Yet recent research suggests that vitamin D also lowers the rist of developing breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis, additionally decreasing inflammation that causes gingivitis and tooth loss.

Many of us risk vitamin D deficiency because of reduced exposure to the sun and from use of sunscreen, which protects us from ultraviolet rays but also blocks natural vitamin D production.

Additionally a growing number of researchers believe that current vitamin D recommendations (RDA) should be raised to at least 1000 IU per day for adults. Studies suggest:

There is 35% lower risk of falls in older people given 800 IU per day.

800 IU to 1000 IU appears to be the minimum range for improving muscle performance and preventing falls.

800 IU to 1000 IU is needed for the average older adult to lower risk of breaking a hip or other bone.

800 IU to 1000 IU is the average amount needed to get the 25-hydroxyvitamin D blood level up to 75 nanometers per liter (where we want it to be).

Good dietary sources of vitamin D include salmon and other fatty fish and fortified foods like milk, breakfast cereals and some brands of yogurt, margarine and orange juice. When using a vitamin D supplement, the best form is D3 (cholecalciferol), as the D2 form (ergocalciferol) is only about half as potent.

Like other supplements Vitamin D can impact certain medications, so be certain to check with your health care professional before altering your intake. An excellent source of information about vitamin D can be found online at ods.od.nih.gov

I'll be posting an excellent salmon recipe in the cooking thread...look it up

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RE: Why Am I Sick? - Vitamin D Deficiency...

Thanks Steve. Thats something I'm going to check out too. My doctors have tried everything with my neck including Botox injections, and nothing has helped. It's worse now than it was before the surgery I had. I have very limited movement from side to side, makes it hard to drive sometimes, and at times the pain is almost unbearable to the point that I have to sit and hold my head up with my hands. Maybe the vitimin D will help....

Thanks again,


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RE: Why Am I Sick? - Vitamin D Deficiency...


Vitamin D isn't exactly a cure all but here in the United States our diets are notoriously poor quality and vitamin and mineral deficient. I don't know that it would necessarily help with your particular condition but I doubt that it would hurt either. Remember that before you start taking any dietary supplements you should check with your health care provider for any reaction it may cause with other medications you may be on.


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RE: Why Am I Sick? - Vitamin D Deficiency...

This was an interesting read, and I've passed it on to my sweet wife, mom, and some friends. Thanks!

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RE: Why Am I Sick? - Vitamin D Deficiency...

Sunshine time for all those in the Western Hemisphere. Time to soak up all that vitamin D! (Just be sure to protect yourselves from the UVA and UVB)

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Why Am I Sick? - Vitamin D Deficiency...

I read and article a while back that spoke specifically to the sun's attributes as it relates to Vitamin D...there was a rather striking photograph of three or four Russian toddlers with goggles on standing in front of a bluish colored sun lamp alleging that it did some help...

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