How do you show your spouse how much you care!

Sometimes we fail at doing the things that let them know how much you really care about them!
It usually doesn't take much! It's the little things.. special things. It makes all the difference!

Annie is working late tonight. I failed dinner yesterday. Why? I was in my own world and totally forgot about hers.
I guess it's a man thing! We're just stupid that way sometimes!

Tonight...different story!

Pork loin, seasoned and stuffed with Gorgonzola with roasted cauliflower crowns!

I figure that oughta do it? Make up for yesterday and maybe have some extra perks! :-)

Done anything special today for the one you love?

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RE:How do you show your spouse how much you care!

You're a good man Rabbit!

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RE:How do you show your spouse how much you care!

I wouldn't know how to start on a stuffed pork loin if it was purchased at Sam's!! That wife has her morning tea on her bedside table at 5AM...I re-warm as necessary. And really...I don't try and keep a list but she says that she's the most spoiled wife around. Yes...I do most of the hasn't put gas in the car in years...but it's all part of our team. She's been told many times...we two individuals became an 'us' about 37 years ago....I make it no secret that she's the center of my universe.

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RE:How do you show your spouse how much you care!

I'm usually up before her so when I'm in the kitchen and here her moving around upstairs I make her tea for her. She doesn't eat right when she gets up so don't cook her breakfast but I am the spaghetti and Chili maker. She's a much better cook but it's her recipes that I follow.

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RE:How do you show your spouse how much you care!

This may sound a bit materialistic but, back in 13 I bought the wife a new Ford CMAX hybrid. Looking for economy and all, she said she loved it, but (always a but) from the beginning we found the ride to be a little rough and lots of road noise. About a month ago we were driving by our local Ford dealership and she noticed a White Mustang convertible. For the next couple of weeks every time we drove by it she'd exclaim they still have my car. Last Monday we took her CMAX into the dealership to get a quote to get the cracked windshield replaced. While I was chatting with the service mgr. She went over to look at the Mustang? When I was done with the service mgr. I followed the wife over to sales as she was talking to the sales mgr. About the convertible. He did well at keeping our surprise.

He built up all the goodies the car had to her and told her even though it was the same year as our car, it had only 10k miles on it, he gave her the keys and said to go and start it and listen to it's sound, which she did and I think she almost had a sexual response to the pipes. Still unaware of my plan we went back in to his office and continued to chat, all the while he was shifting through papers. It was then that I brought the title to her car out and we proceeded to tell her that the repair to the CMAX was a new windshield surrounded by the Mustang. As expected she broke down cause she said she couldn't believe she was finally getting her dream car. I'm just hoping she lets me take it for a nude drive.

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RE:How do you show your spouse how much you care!

With my last girlfriend I would have her morning shower ready to go after her shower she always like toast and milk so I had that made while she was in the shower. And then I'm really guilty of just bringing home random flowers and stuffies I also did most of the house cleaning even though I have a job and at the time and she didn't I would also make sure did I did all the grocery shopping before coming home. Grinch I do most that stuff when I'm not with someone The only exception is the shower the toast the milk the flowers and the stuffy animals.

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RE:How do you show your spouse how much you care!

My loving wife passed away 13 years ago, but if she were still here I would be doing the same as I did when she was alive. We used the good china and tablecloths and napkins. Yes it was extra laundry and the good china had to be hand-washed, but she was worth it. Every day with her, especially the last few years, was a special occasion. I would suggest that if you have "good" china and linens packed away for special occasions, get them out and use them. There is nothing more special than today for we have no guarantee of tomorrow.

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RE:How do you show your spouse how much you care!

I agree Phrog! Use the good stuff! Enjoy your good stuff! Annie will do that always, but lately it's watching Punisher reruns on tv trays.
Sorry about your loss.
When I was visiting my mother a few years back, I had picked up a bottle of wine for us.
The night I opened it, I went to her china cabinet and selected a couple of her nice Waterford Crystal glasses.
Of course she stopped me with "that's my special crystal!"
"You are special!" and I poured the wine for a nice evening of catching up.
You are so right! Sometimes you need to treat yourself like you're special! Because you are!

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RE:How do you show your spouse how much you care!

I'm always up hours before my wife. When she gets up I always have her hot morning tea sitting next to her chair. When she is ready for breakfast I'll make her breakfast for her. Whatever she asks for. I split the housekeeping with her. I do the vacuuming and heavier labor. She basically just dusts and does the clothes washing. She cooks supper and I do the cleanup and dishes. If I cook... She cleans up. It's always worked this way for us. Neither is overburdened. We both have time together to enjoy. And it shows appreciation for one another. Neither of us has ever taken advantage of one another by shifting more on the other. I have seen so many times where a guy is stuck doing it all so she can have her social life or he puts it all. On her for his time with his buds in the bar. It has to be a 50/50 thing as a couple. I hate hearing the words, women's work or men's work around the house. I can't buy into that idea.

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RE:How do you show your spouse how much you care!

She loved the stuffed pork loin the other night!
I think it meant more to her that I took the time to make her a special meal when she came home from work.
She was off yesterday but spent most of her day dealing with some aggravating issues.
She had taken out a nice fat New York strip for us to split for dinner! (don't over do the red meat intake)
When I saw it on the counter, I asked her if she wanted me to try preparing it the same as the pork loin.
"You're going to cook again" The pork loin was amazing! Cauliflower too?" With a big smile on her face.

So here is how easy it is:
Take your nice fat meat of choice. Pat it down with a healthy layer of your favorite rub. I just used "Butt Rub" from Costco.
Slice it down the middle, doing your best to keep 3 sides in tact.
Stuff as much Gorgonzola as you can into the opening, crumbling it up finely. Insert toothpicks along the open edge to hold it together.
Bake at 375 until the internal temp is right.

I prefer to use a small button thermometer as it can stay in while in the oven. Almost well done for pork, I prefer medium for the beef. Stick it in the middle from the back site that wasn't cut so you can see it easily while baking.
Bake time, 30-45 minutes depending on the meat and thickness. No searing require. I roast it on an elevated rack over a pan so it gets even heat.

The cauliflower was a "no brainer" as well! Cut it into nice chunky pieces. When you think you've cut enough, you haven't! Cut some more!
Toss it in a bowl with olive oil, salt, pepper and some chopped garlic, or powder if you prefer.
Bake it spread evenly on a flat sheet in the same oven, same time. Only 30 minutes usually for the cauliflower. It starts to brown and the crowns are tender when pierced with a fork.

So easy, even a cave man can do it!
She'll think you've become a gourmet cook!
Unless you don't want it to become a habit..... because it just may!

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RE:How do you show your spouse how much you care!

... I pretty much do whatever she wants!


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