Offering Relaxing service in IOWA

Recently added more features to the room and have really enjoyed working for my nudist clients. So nice to work on bodies without the draping..

Check out the site and let me know your thoughts, would love to meet more nudist clients.
Bodywork and helping clients relax is something I love from the very core of my soul. I thrive on the feeling of being a giver to others, using my talented hands to make them feel refreshed and truly in my care. With over 12 years experience in Body Electric & Swedish techniques, I enjoy providing a unique experience in a clean intimate and private setting. I work with select individuals of all ages, race, body types and identities. I am very open minded and enjoy helping others be themselves without fear or judgement. Together we let out the inner you, we work to create your own personal session. I give 100% of myself during the session, the room is all about you. We all need more chances to just relax and forget the pressures of the world.

Married to an amazing wife, professional, older (wiser) male. Safe environment located near Cedar Rapids

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RE:Offering Relaxing service in IOWA

The web site looks good. You seem to offer quite an unusual service.

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