Group at Local Resort

There has been so little activity on here, so I thought it would be good to start something on here.

There used to be a board game night at our local resort. I popped into it only once, and it was mostly people playing the standards that have been around for years (Monopoly, Parcheesi et cetera), but I saw a table where people where playing Ticket to Ride. I never ended up sitting down to play on those nights, which I regretted. The resort cancelled the nights about a year ago, and I never knew why.

Ive been tempted to ask the owner if he can put up a notice that Ill run some RPG one night in the rec room just to see who might bite. I dont know if the regular crowd (much less the people who live there) would be the types to want to play.

Any of you have any experience with gaming (board or RPG) at your local resort?

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RE:Group at Local Resort

Sounds like a fun idea, but the resort I go to is a 1hr 45min drive for me. A bit much to try an arrange something regular.

I have a few friends I have naked fans days with now and then.

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