Couple in our 30s looking for real friends

Hey everybody,we are Chris and Rita, looking for real people who want to connect with other people who are new to nudism. Really looking for females or couples not far from our age who want to really get to know someone through messaging, text, email, phone, Skype or whatever. We're not scammers, just a couple really searching for like minded friends. So far we haven't made any lasting contacts.. Only people that message a few times and then mysteriously stop talking. We're looking for either beginners like us that we can grow with together, or someone willing to take us under their wing. We are NOT looking for single guys, (sorry), only couples or women. We have not been to any resorts or any group nudist gathering. We want to find people we are compatible with and get comfortable with the lifestyle before we put ourselves into a big group. Please PM us if interested.

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