Non-Landed Clubs

Has anyone attempted to form a non-landed club? What is your experience? What are the best practices and things to avoid?

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RE:Non-Landed Clubs

I was a member of a non-landed club when I lived in south central Texas. It was very active. I experienced many of my more daring nude meetings there as well as a lot of laid back times at various members homes. If you want to see some documentation for a club that worked well see Hill Country Nudists and read their About, History, Policies and Membership tabs for ideas.
The club is associated with both AANR and TNS which gives it a lot of legitimacy.

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RE:Non-Landed Clubs

Many years ago, with three other couples; because we were dissatisfied with the way our current non-landed club was being run, we decided to form our own "breakout" club.

It was a fiasco. We couldn't seem to get on the same page.

One couple wanted to make our club "nude mandatory", and do "naked interviews" with applicants before granting them membership. We thought it was way too stringent and "confronting" for first-timers.
Another couple wanted to do meet-ups at resorts instead of hosting; which the others felt "defeated the purpose" of a non-landed club.
No one could agree on how to handle the finances.
So finally the whole idea was dropped.

I think you have to have a clear picture of what you want your non-landed club to look like. And then find the "right people." It's much harder than it seems.

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RE:Non-Landed Clubs

We have a well established non landed club nearby but it's an hour and 20+ minute drive... on a good day. Many of their functions take place north and it's quite a bit further from us than we'd like. They do have gatherings at a clothing optional beach up near where one grandchild goes to school so we will try and make the visit to see the grandchild and meet up with this group sometime this year.

I think the best way to start a non landed club is to start it yourself. Depending on your rules and policies, you'll see how many interested people you have join. Once it begins to roll along and you meet and get to know other members, it would seem you could find those that you're compatible with to bring on to help in administrative roles.

I'm a good organizer, socializer and people person... I'm not very good at technical support, finances and legal paperwork, if there is any. I think you can bring some others onboard to help out and even give them responsibilities but 1 person or 1 couple should always retain control of the group. If it grows as largely as the group that is local to us, you form a board and have periodic elections and positions.

I would like to join a non landed club but unless the group was smaller, it would be difficult to host a party of more than 20 people here at our home.

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RE:Non-Landed Clubs

Hi all, I tried to get a group together a few years ago for nude 4x4 trail runs and camping. The results were very unsatisfactory. I am a single white straight man now in my 60's. so after a year, there were about 100 wannabe members. 95% were gay men and 5% were women. as I looked into a few other groups that were trying form, the outcome was about the same. I am not homo-phobic, but really??? I know there are local people out there, I see them all the time at the hot springs. aside from the fact the man to woman ratio was way off balance, in a years' time not one individual ever would commit to meeting. So good luck to the others that try it. I love being nude with others, just not 95 gay men while I am straight. I am in southern Colorado, I am retired so my schedule is flexible, and I'm willing to travel if not too far. if you have better luck and relatively close, hit me up. spring will be here before we know it.

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