Normalcy of Nudity

Having called myself a full time nudist for over 20 years now, I still find that some so called nudists don't really understand what the life style really means. Or at least what it means to me. Being a member of AANR for years and trying to spread the life style around where I can. I have found all types of folks. There are those that will never be able to understand what we enjoy doing. And there are those that can't separate nudity and sex. I will have to say that I had the same issues when I first started. Having grown up in a very conservative family. Nudity was something never talked about, as well as sex. I guess I got my start skinny dipping in my dads pool when I was growing up. Having had some nudist friends over the years, I find that it's about 50 percent those that have issues separating the 2. I have been to several nudist resorts over the years and find that the regulars at those resorts seem to have a better handle on the life style. Not sure if it's because they are able to be nude more then most. I try and be nude as much as I can. When home nude all the time inside and when I'm in my back yard and pool area. When I travel my time is put to only the nude time in my hotel room. Unless there is a nude beach or park near by. I do understand that those that aren't able to be nude that much might have issues with whats being a true nudist is and separating it from sex. I try and help those that will chat with me about getting into the life style, and hope I can help them with it. Folks of any age can get into the life style, there is no age, size or sex discrimination in the life style, is what I tell folks. We all come in different shapes and sizes. No one will really care if they are real nudists. I see to many forums asking questions that I feel aren't what nudists would ask. My whole idea is to promote and try and make being a nudist more of a normal thing and more accepted. Maybe some day I will be able to walk down my street or go to the store with out clothes on.

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RE:Normalcy of Nudity

You would be surprised at how easy it is to recruit people. No not all, but most I've recruited didnt experience it on account of shyness or body image. Not so much about religion or upbringing. Many worry about peers impression of them.
When I was a regular at Playalinda I used to sit near the ramp. I could watch the gawkers overlooking the nudists on the beach. I personally have nothing to brag about so showing myself wasn't my intent. I would greet those people with a friendly smile and hello. Get them to converse a bit. They soon realized that I too, even nude was actually a person like them. Of course the subject always came up about curiosity. That's usually why they came. You would get their reasons why they couldn't ever do that. With some positive talking, and explaining the true meaning of freedom of being nude their curiosity changed to curious to trying it. I have actually convinced people to leave their shoes with me and walk down the beach amongst the nude bodies and get the feel of how it was. Ironically, I had a few ending up coming back with clothes in hand and feeling excited they tried it. Some stayed awhile and some I'd see come back on another day. We need to break the ice with the textile world and also be truthful of what we are about.

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