Nude hiking all over Australia - the ultimate freedom

Inspired by the previous Topic (Whale Watchers, Heysen Trail - South Australia), we thought the community may be interested in our Australia-wide nude hiking adventures.
Australia is the ultimate place for enjoying nature in the nude - hiking through virgin bush wearing nothing, but a backpack, shoes and sunscreen - the whole day - and even night. There are any number of places where one rarely meets other people, and if, they normally are very tolerant regarding nudity. We never ever had a problem.

We had some absolutely amazing nude hiking trips over the years, like climbing the second highest mountain in Western Australia - twice - in summer !!! Like getting lost on the coast of Magnetic Island - nearly didn't make it back to the car where we left our clothes. Or hiking at midnight across Lake Ballard in Western Australia, joining the dozens of (naked) iron people there.
Interested to see some of our adventures ? We are currently putting it all on our website, . Much more to come....

Anybody who wants some insider tips about nude hiking in Australia - drop us a line. We are not much interested in social gatherings or even contact, but are happy to pass on experiences to people who think and feel about nudity as we do.

Most of the time, we hike in the desert or outback, but sometimes we also hit the beaches.

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RE: Nude hiking all over Australia - the ultimate freedom

Yeah, a guy was caught by Police hiking in Ontario and they dropped the charges so it's legal by precedent now and I'm all fired up to get out there. Got some nice trails and bug spray and sunscreen. As long as you're not on a busy trail or close to a populated area then it's pretty much all good.

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RE: Nude hiking all over Australia - the ultimate freedom

If anyone is looking for some company, or a location to go nude hiking in central - far west NSW, give me a bell, was just out Hiking in the nude today, It was on a "Tourists Trail" saw 3 cars leaving there on my way out there, but no one there when I got there, so instead of waiting to get on the trail, I got undressed in the parking lot and left my clothes in the car. Its a 5km Hike, beautifulscenery, including Aboriginal Rock Drawings... I was thinking if anyone came across me I would just say something like was trying to get into he history as theAboriginalwere probably walking around here naked, lol

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RE: Nude hiking all over Australia - the ultimate freedom

Hi guys,
One year ago I decided to move to Perth. Part of the reason is the mining boom! I find here an amazing country, with a beautiful weather! I really love WA: nice people, country with amazing landscape...really good beers! Totally different from France!
There, I used to go nude hiking every week end, when the weather was good. France has a big tradition of naturism, and minds are generally open on this subject! One of the amazing fact is that Nude hiking is becoming more and more popular in the naturist community. There is a total gap between the previous generation of naturism, that was mostly activities in clubs or on the beach. Today the minds change and naturists research more and more a real contact with the nature, a feeling of freedom and back to the essential things. This movement brings new generation of naturist (as me) and several nude hiking associations have been created across the different french regions. They organize hikes, snow hikes, trekks...with sometimes more than 20 participants! In France the population density is totally different from Australia, so the chance to meet other hikers is really high! But generally things are good, no one is chocked , people are generally curious and ask a lot of question! It allows us to explain th reason of beeing nude in the wild and I can assure you that we make some of them jealous!
Today I will be more than happy to meet peole in WA that are the same passion for nude hiking or just want to discover it! I mad some nude walk in monkey Mia, perth hills, Albany, jurien bay... Don't hesitate to contact me
Amities naturistes!

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