Getting Together

Well - this was a pretty messed up this summer. Did not make it to MAR for my first time, and really missed my trips to Valley View. It made me realize that I do enjoy socializing with other naked people. I did meet Mick at his place near Allens Park (see Co in CO group), and Kodou2020 and I climbed a peak together - no textile except shoes and backpacks. These were both connections made through this website, so it does serve some real life purpose. Hopefully, next summer more of us Coloradans and Colorado visitors will get together in real life. Hiking is something that can be done outside of a resort setting. Next year we need to get a few group hikes arranged. And, you can often find me at Valley View in non-Covid times.

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RE:Getting Together

Indeed, and I try to keep that in mind every time I think of leaving TN during these times. I cannot imagine how things will be in 6 or more months. I hope for the better.

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