Devotionals in the Great Outdoors

Joining the 21st century, we both are now doing our daily devotionals on a mobile app. To my surprise, it's the most reading of the Holy Word that I've done in years, it's almost infectious. So to our dismay we found the phone reception to be quite limited during our last summer stay at a nudist resort. However, they did have some nice trails and as we reached the top of one of the climbs we found the cell reception to be quite nice, as we answered some emails and caught up on social media crap. Thus, the next morning we hiked back up the trail, found a bench, opened our Bible apps, and caught up on our daily reading. Of course there are no textiles involved in the activity, except for a pair for tennis shoes. WHAT A GREAT FEELING!!! If you get a chance, try it. I never would have imagined how inspirational it would be to sit with your spouse, in the woods, no clothes, reading the Bible, and absorbing the Holt Spirit. "How Great Thou Art!"

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