Julian - A boy with Long Hair.

Julian - A boy with Long Hair.

Some voices about his hair:

It is impossible.
It won't work.
Cut it off.
You look like a girl.
You are a girl.
Are you gay?
Rapunzel guy ]]

He heard it sometimes.
For being Jesus his hair was much too long.

No, he wanted his long hair.
He liked it. Beautiful super long hair, what a feeling.
It worked for him and for all the people who liked it too.

It doesn't hurt anyone.
Is this the reason why it is so terrible for some people?

With 13 years he looked like a girl, if he was surrounded by the hair.
Only for a superficial view? He looked already a little bit feminine, even without the hair.
But that's how young people may look.
A little bit, he was a boy and has no identity problems with his gender, he didn't wanted to change it.

He liked girls and some of his girl friends liked his long hair too.
Long hair, the beauty of it is not reserved for girls.
Even young boys can look very nice inside the hair.
Why to cut it all off? Is it better to be a conformity item ?
To be satisfied with the rest hair that often only remains?

Some of the girls had very long hair.
Until the age of 13 and from 15 on they let it grow again.
And in between? A cruelty of the school authority.

The request was that school girls had to cut their hair at age 13.
Until 15 they are only allowed a short hair style.

It gave a lot of stuff for hair cut lovers, looking at hair cut videos.
And it gave money for destroying something beautiful without hearing the victims.

His schoolfellows liked him.
The long hair, it was a part of him. They accepted it.
But not the teachers and many of the public people.
Hate against long hair, why does it come up?

Often he folded his hair.
Then it didn't looked so long.
Or he hided in under the clothes, wearing a short hair wig.

Sometimes he liked it to look like a girl.
With a little bit make up and long flowing hair it was perfect.
He deceived anyone.

An experience for a boy, only for a limited time.
He liked it. Why not? The world of boys and girls, why must it be so different?
There are so much sensitive feelings that could be explored.
Life is not only definable in terms of power, strength, competition, rivalry.
The raising spirit likes it to be sensitive.

If he was alone with his friends he let the hair open fall down to the ground.
His friends liked it playing with the long hair.

Now he stood in front of the hairdressing salon.
Dressing? A "cut it short or shave it" place.

Looking into the mirror, the hair pulled back, tied by a big rubber.
n the window he saw a short haired boy.
Tears came into his eyes. But boys don't cry.

He entered the salon.

"Please cut my hair short, so that it will be accepted by the school authorities."

But the female barber, what was she doing?
She caressed the super long ponytail with her hands.
She had own knee length hair.
Unusual for people working in this place.

"No, it would be so sad to cut it off. Such a beautiful long hair."

He smiled. "You think like I do it.
But what can I do against the school orders?
If I will come back with long hair any teacher could cut it off."

"I am sorry that I can not help you in this conflict.
Say to him the barber refused to cut.
If he doesn't believe you, send him to me.
Your long hair tells me that I should keep my own hair long.
I will cancel this cut off video event.
I miss the money, but I can work longer, maybe at a second place."

Boy: "You wanted to cut your hair off?
Now, please not, it is so beautiful."

Barber: "Yes, it is. But many of my friends already cut off their hair.
They needed the money.
It is not fair to get money from society if you can get it with your own effort.
So they are short haired now, but after a limit time, they are poor people without the beauty of their hair.
Maybe in 5 or 6 years they will do it again".

"Thank you having encouraged me. Now I will see, what I can do."


So he left the salon again, with his long hair.

The reaction of the teachers and the director?
That is another story. But think about Nadine and the exchange student Isabella.
Maybe he will find a happy end for his long hair.
Yes, he goes to this school.

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