RE:Truly not about size

Hey everyone. I enjoy this group because I take a lot of pictures of my penis. I think a lot of us in here to share that comfort ability. But I always explore what it is about penises that make it particularly photogenic. I think the obvious Reason people find penises attractive is their size. If you are posting a big one, you will just naturally seem to get a lot of likes.Well, I am not a man who was blessed with a huge penis. But I do love how it photographs. I am a part of a naked drawing group that has opened up my eyes to what is beautiful about the human body when it is viewed through an artists lens. These guys are much more interested in the shape of a penis. The folds of foreskin. The shadows with a glans head. I found that where is I am often one of the smaller guys in the group, I am one of the favorites to draw just because of some interesting features of my penis. I love how my foreskin is very thick and almost covers me completely, but my head is always peeking out. I like that my penis is rather short and my balls are large, resulting in mind often setting on top of them rather than spilling down below like some guys do. I like that mine is short and thicker - I just think it matches my body well. Often, when looking at other guys, I also see if their penis matches their natural body shape. Some just seems to go together extremely well.Curious to put it out there, just because of the nature of this group. What is it about your penis that you find particularly photogenic? Is it the size? The shape? Your skin? Your head? Id love to get everyones perspective and also hear what it is that you find particularly photogenic about other penises

I always love to remind men that for most of history a smaller penis was the most desirable and socially acceptable and promoted norm. Big cock as standard is really only a post WWII phenomenon. It doesn't mean one is better than the other just that what is considered normative is purely arbitrary. I agree that all penises are beautiful and I have enjoyed all the ones that I have had the pleasure of knowing... if I couldn't be open and even handed i wouldn't feel right indulging to begin with. As you point out each of us has a feature or angle in particular that is extra sexy. I have always seen most of them and easily but I have been a wee bit obsessed lol.

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